10 ideas for a Christmas table runner to make yourself

Are you one of those who choose a different theme each year or rather one of those who keep the same Christmas decoration from one year to the next? Whatever your camp, it is always nice to renew certain elements, and why not the table linen? A table runner – that narrow piece of fabric that sits in the center of the table and runs its full length can make a big difference and add character to your dinner party. No need to reinvest in a tablecloth for Christmas dinner. Instead, take the time to concoct a pretty table runner. For Christmas, take a look at these 10 DIY table runner ideas instead.

The stencil technique

With paint, cardboard, a cutter and a fabric, you can make real gems in terms of table runners. All you have to do is think about the shape of the stencil that inspires you, find it on the Net or draw it from a book or magazine in your possession. To stay in the theme of the end of year celebrations, you can choose a stencil in the shape of a snowflake, candy cane or fir tree. But you can also opt for letters in pretty typography or geometric shapes for a slightly more graphic table runner.

Fabric hemmed with iron-on

You don’t even need any sewing skills to make this simple table runner: just choose a piece of fabric that appeals to you, maybe the one you brought back from your last vacation or the one you have cracked lately. And use iron-on to make the hems on each side of the strip of fabric. All you need for this is an iron. Nothing’s easier !

Very simple sewing

It turns out that even basic sewing skills can go a long way in your DIY projects or in all of your DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. Choose burlap centerpieces and customize them with strips on each side: it can be velvet, a slightly shimmering fabric reminiscent of Christmas decoration, but not necessarily, you may want to keep this centerpiece. table throughout the year.

Simple holly

If you know how to sew a button, you can make this table runner. Take some green felt the next time you go to your craft store and dig into your button box, if you have one. All you have to do is cut holly leaves from the green felt, sew on red buttons like little holly balls and arrange everything harmoniously in a centerpiece. Of course, you also have the possibility of going to pick real holly in the surrounding countryside to combine it with your table runner or make it live alone as a table decoration.

Slats or planks of wood

For Christmas, make yourself a wooden centerpiece, which you can keep all year round. To do this, look for slats or wooden planks. The best would be to recycle it to stick to the homemade spirit, but you can also buy some in stores. Lay them parallel and tie them together, in the way that is easiest for you (with glue or string for example).

Painted song lyrics

Find a nice support: oilcloth or fabric to write the most beautiful words of your favorite Christmas carol. Don’t like your handwriting? Call on someone you know who will be happy to apply to make your centerpiece a little gem for the holidays. Use paint or special markers to keep it all very elegant. When the day comes, you will all be able to sing this magnificent Christmas carol together!

The crochet technique

Working with your hands using creative hobby techniques is always a great way to occupy the long winter months! What if you used a weekend in November or December to make a centerpiece… crochet! You can choose a snowflake shape to repeat multiple times. Not only will it look beautiful, but again you’ll be proud to say you made it yourself.

Draped in tulle or organza

Do you want to get out of the usual green and red of Christmas? What if you went to a store and chose the least “Christmas” color tulle or organza? Find a length of sheer fabric in a color that matches the decoration you have planned to drape over your table. And if you want coral or turquoise this year, why not? Nothing stops you!

Ornaments on kraft paper

Kraft paper is one of the cheapest papers which nevertheless very often has an effect. Craft paper projects are often cheap and easy. And this one is no exception: use your prettiest handwriting or, again, ask a friend to help you draw a Christmas message on a kraft paper table runner. Tell him about the beautiful typographies you have spotted and which will be most effective if he or she manages to reproduce them for you.

Plants collected from the wild

It’s always fun and creative to use outdoor elements in your decorating, especially at Christmas. Style a table runner with some greenery and add fruit and candles to it to spruce it up a bit. Then place it on your table. It won’t keep as long as a fabric centerpiece, of course, but it’s sure to make an impression.

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