10 ideas to make a Christmas tree without a tree!

A Christmas without a tree is a sad Christmas, especially for children. But for some, cutting down a tree to decorate the house is contrary to their principles. As for the artificial tree, it’s a cliché that blows more cold than heat for your evening. There is a very simple solution that should delight everyone, it is to make a tree without a tree.

How, will you tell me? With everything that can serve you, recovery, a little DIY, and all with imagination. Today we give you some very useful and ingenious ideas to create atmosphere while giving style. The children and your guests will all be amazed, you will see.

1 – The driftwood tree

If you go regularly to the seaside, especially during high tides, you may have brought back driftwood in anticipation of creating home decorations. The Christmas tree is a good use of it.

To do this, use a piece of log or thick board to act as a base and attach a threaded rod to it of the desired height for your tree. You will drill each piece of driftwood down the middle so you can insert it into the threaded rod. You will choose the pieces of driftwood in decreasing order to give your creation a conical fir tree shape. Place a star at the top and a light garland on the branches and you will have a magnificent eco-friendly tree.

2 – The garland tree

This is the simplest solution. You already have your decorations waiting for you in the closet. You don’t have to leave them stored since they are the ones we will use to make a beautiful, bright and classy tree. The hardest part is deciding where to put your Christmas tree. The best is a wall, but you can also arrange it wherever you want. Let’s assume we’ll hang it on the wall.

Whatever color your wall is, it should do it. Take your garlands, in sequins or lights and stick them to the wall using transparent adhesive or small pins, so as to obtain the shape of the tree. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfectly geometric. It is best to do this with your children. Your tree will thus have character and personality and you will open your gifts while contemplating your work.

3 – The handyman’s tree

This one takes a bit of work, but still joy. The DIY tree stands with just about anything, whether it’s wood or even plastic. It all depends on what you have on hand and the amount of inspiration that will drive you that day. With wood you can create, as with the garlands, the shape of the fir tree. You can stick it on the wall.

Imagine the 3D painting you will have. You just have to hang garlands, balls, little snowmen. The result is just sensational. You can paint it, in white, in green, and why not change the tradition by opting for a purple or silver tree for more splendor. The effect is guaranteed with your toddlers and pride will be on your side.

4 – The recycler tree

You have imagination just waiting to be expressed. We give you the idea that could be the idea of ​​the century. Make the most beautiful Christmas tree with your cans and bottles. Instead of throwing them away, you can put them together to make a cone. Covered with decorations; garlands, sequins, balls and other decorations, you will have the most ingenious tree ever.

You can also use cardboard that you have taken care to transform into pyramids. Stacked in decreasing size, you will get a magic tree. You can leave it as is as you can paint it according to your preferences.

5 – The smart tree

Do you have a big library, or do you have books lying around? Let’s use them to make a beautiful decoration. You can get a beautiful tree that should appeal to anyone who loves to read. You will superimpose them so as to obtain a beautiful conical pyramid. You put the bigger ones at the bottom and the smaller ones at the top. Fix your decorations with adhesives.

Be careful though, use scotch tape that is not likely to damage your works. On the other hand, do not let the children play too close because your tree risks collapsing. But you can also use the adhesives to fix the whole structure to give a little more solidity to the whole.

6 – The ladder tree

Very simple but still inspired, you can create a tree using a ladder. This time it’s not to go up and fix the star at the top, but really to use as a tree. Put your ladder where you usually put your tree. Wrap around it your beautiful decorations. It’s up to you to decide if you put a lot or just a few.

7 – The tree to paint

If you have painting skills, or not, you can draw your tree on your wall. It’s as simple as that. Again, don’t bet on the quality of the drawing, the important thing is to have fun in the Christmas spirit. Get all the family members involved to have a tree that looks like you and decorate it as you wish. A few adhesives to stick the decorations and you’re done.

8 – The personal effects tree

It is the most unifying tree. Let each one of you take what is most characteristic of himself. A wand, a hair clip, everything goes. You arrange them together, hung on the wall or in a pile on the floor. You will get the most personalized Christmas tree of all. The joy of rediscovering a spirit of family union will camouflage the absence of a real tree. You are not likely to have a sad Christmas. Christmas is also that, family, cohesion.

9 – Carpet tree

It is undoubtedly the tree that will require a little financial investment. Indeed, you will need to get a carpet of about 2 or 3 m² depending on the size you want to have. It will suffice to roll it up to obtain a cone. Secure it with pins or staples. Green, white, it doesn’t matter, you choose the color. You decorate with the usual pieces and put it away for next year. For more hold, put a wooden structure inside the cone. It’s super simple and super fun.

10 – The photo tree

You will also find canvases with a drawing of a fir tree that will be easy for you to hang up everywhere. It will then be up to you to find the decorations you want to put on. Lights, baubles, hang your favorite decorations and let the Christmas magic happen.

Here are all the little tricks to get a tree without a tree. Don’t worry because Christmas isn’t just about cutting the tree, it’s above all and above all about sharing, with family and friends. And don’t forget the gifts. Happy Christmas everyone.

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