10 ideas to hide an electrical meter or panel!

An electrical box is not designed to be aesthetic. Yet you have at heart to integrate it into the environment. Here are 10 ideas for hiding your electric meter.

Comply with standards

Whatever solution you adopt, you must comply with the rules imposed by the NF C 15-100 standard. Otherwise, and in the event of an incident, home insurance may not cover the damage.

The 2 essential points to respect are the following: access must be easy and the main cut-off device (circuit breaker) must not be placed in a lockable part.

Idea 1: Hide the electric meter in a closet

The closet is a good option to hide the electric meter, provided it has a dedicated area. For easy access, nothing should be stored in front of the electricity meter: neither a shelf full of objects, nor a wardrobe.

Idea 2: Hide the electric meter in a wall key box

Grand classic the camouflage of the electric meters located in the entrances, the wall-mounted key box nevertheless makes the meter visible each time you open the box. Like the closet option, this solution is not ideal.

Idea 3: Hide the electric meter with paint

The custom formwork is probably the most used solution because it is the one that allows the most inventiveness and creativity. It has the advantage of being available in many ways, according to your desires and your DIY skills.

You can indeed buy a box in raw wood ready-made from which you remove the background or make it yourself. Once fixed to the wall, you paint it with the same paint as that of your wall: your counter becomes very discreet in your interior visual landscape.

Idea 4: Hide the electric meter with wallpaper

It is a variant of custom formwork. If your wall is covered with wallpaper, you can completely cover your meter with the same wallpaper.

Idea 5: Hide the electric meter behind a blackboard

By covering the front face of the formwork with a adhesive slate, your electricity meter box can be transformed into a useful communication medium for the whole family, allowing you to write on it with chalk according to your needs: shopping to do, important messages, daily motto, etc.

Idea 6: Hide the electric meter in a set of shelves

If you are a good handyman and the meter is placed in an open space, you can integrate the electric meter into a set of custom-made shelves. Your shelves can indeed combine parts with doors and open parts. The final effect will be very graphic. Your counter disappears behind one of the doors of the shelves, in complete discretionin the middle of books, small plants and trinkets.

Idea 7: Hide the electric meter behind a frame

The made-to-measure formwork can be perfectly adapted to accommodate a frame on the front face. A system of hinges opening from the side or from the top will allow quick and easy access to the meter.

Idea 8: Hide the electric meter behind a mirror

It is a variant of custom formwork with hinges. Instead of applying a frame to the front side, you attach a mirror to it.

Idea 9: Hide the electric meter behind a hatch

It is with a spirit evoking the novels ofArsène Lupin that you can consider hiding the electric meter behind a hatch. It goes without saying that this option should be considered before decorating a room. This can be very early, when you put up the partitions, or a little later, if you plan, for example, to cover the walls with paneling, thus creating a thickness on the wall.

Idea 10: Hide the electric meter behind a curtain

This option is a variant of the hatch. But instead of using the same material as the wall to close the space receiving the electric meter, you can hang a decorative textile element in front of the location.

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