10 mistakes not to make when designing your bedroom

In terms of decoration, there are not really precise rules. Each home and each person is unique so nothing is set in stone. Everyone has their own ideas. Nevertheless, here are ten tips (to follow… or not) to guide you in the purchase of your new important furniture. May they move you forward in your planning process and help you make all of your bedroom decoration coherent.

1- Choosing the wrong color

Too bright, too pale, excesses have never been advised in terms of color, especially in a bedroom. This does not mean that your decoration should be monotonous. Of course, it is a question of falling asleep, but not that you find your decoration soporific. Style yes, but not a sleeping style! The choice of colors for your walls, whether paint, wallpaper or anything else is therefore essential.

2 – Neglecting the size of the bed

It is certain that a bed king size is pleasant, you can lie down in it with pleasure while stretching your whole body like a starfish. However, if your room does not have the minimum dimensions required, abstain. An oversized bed not only reduces all the remaining space around it, but draws attention to itself and makes it the discordant element of the whole decoration. Choose a bed adapted to the dimensions of your room.

3 – Forget the headboard

If your bed is placed against a wall, opt for a headboard. Not only will it protect the wall covering, paint or wallpaper where you install it, but it will add character to your room. The decoration will seem more accomplished. There is no specific rule for choosing the size of the headboard. A larger size than the bed will make it a wonderful focal point. Conversely, it is not recommended that you choose a headboard that is smaller than your bed, as this will end up looking disproportionate. It’s up to you to see the shape and material of your headboard. Are you more discreet, design or DIY?

4 – Omit the bedside table

If you want to simplify your life, choose symmetry around the bed. So you will have night tables and twin bedside lamps. This is in no way an obligation. But the fact that the set is matched will make the decoration more fluid. You don’t have to think especially, and it works well that way.

If you choose two separate bedside tables, ensure harmony between the two. In any case, find a bedside table that is barely higher or lower than your bed because you want it to remain comfortable when you put a glass of water on it, right?

5 – Not taking care of the lighting

Lighting is always a delicate subject in the decoration of a home, and even more so in that of a bedroom. You have to think and anticipate. However, we often tend to rush headlong to equip ourselves with a central luminaire and nothing else. However, you have to think in terms of multiple light sources and make sure you don’t have too harsh a light. This means thinking about which lamp, which light fixture, which wall lamp, which bulb, which power, etc. To make your bedroom a truly well-lit and comfortable space, place lights in key areas and also try placing them at different heights (high, medium, low). This is how your room can give the best of itself! The options in this regard are relatively numerous. Be that as it may, also remember to install lights that allow you to vary the light. Dim light will necessarily be more conducive to falling asleep.

6 – Coordinate everything

Consistency, harmony, yes. But coordinating everything, no. Does it seem cheaper to you to buy the bedspread that goes with the duvet cover and the sheet, or even a few cushions? No, no and no. Mix, vary, that’s the only truth. Your room will look much more interesting if you don’t have everything matched. The mixture, the associations are more than ever the way to follow: no to uniformity!

7 – Not personalizing the space

If your bedroom looks like a magazine bedroom, chances are it’s a model bedroom where everything is frozen, beautiful. But it’s a safe bet that in these cases, she is a little cold and not so attractive. Transform it and make its decoration look like you instead. It’s your room, first the most intimate space of your home. The one where you end up after long days. Add personal accessories. This room should be made up of things you love. Keep your little treasures close by, the ones that make your room a unique space and not the room of Monsieur or Madame Tout-le-Monde. Examples ? A nice transparent vase with postcards of all the places you’ve been on a trip, beautiful framed photos, a nice bench at the end of your bed, etc.

8 – Overload the room

It is essential that you infuse your personality into your bedroom. However, do not fall into the opposite excess! Your bedroom should be soothing. Filling it with lots of accessories and decorative objects will not make it a haven of peace. Don’t feel like you have to decorate every square inch. On the contrary, keep certain areas clear so that you have room to breathe and relax. Too bulky clutters, while leaving empty places will give you the satisfaction of being able to circulate with pleasure while enjoying the space. The more you lighten your bedroom, the better your sleep will be.

9 – Forget the curtains

If you don’t have shutters, the curtains have a double importance. Not only do they protect you from outside looks and the cold, but they also bring style to your decoration. It is available in a wide variety of textures and colors. Choose them in velvet for a chic and sophisticated atmosphere. Opt for linen and you’ll go more on the bohemian side. Anyway, think about it because without curtains, there is no protection from daylight, which can have a real impact on your sleep.

10 – Abstain from plants

The fastest way to add personality to your room is with indoor plants. Not only do they bring their aesthetic touch but they also purify the air and bring you their benefits. Think you don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry, there are plants that don’t require a lot of maintenance.

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