10 must-have accessories for the pool

The beautiful days are coming and you will be able to take full advantage of your swimming pool. But to bathe in it serenely and in peace, 10 accessories will be essential for you! Because swimming cannot be done without healthy and pure water, but also without pleasure, we offer 5 accessories dedicated to maintenance and 5 accessories dedicated to your well-being. Discover them in this file.

The 5 essential maintenance accessories for the swimming pool

To swim in clean and healthy water, here are 5 essential cleaning and maintenance accessories:

Accessory n°1: the landing net

Indispensable on a daily basis, the landing net is a useful accessory that allows you to collect waste that floats on the surface, in midwater or at the bottom of the pool. Preferably opt for a bottom landing net, as it will be more versatile than a surface model. Whether you choose an aluminum or PVC landing net, consider buying a model with a telescopic handle to reach all areas of your pool effortlessly.

Accessory n°2: the pool broom

The broom is very useful for scrubbing the walls and removing dirt effortlessly. Some models are equipped with a suction device, which is very convenient. Pay attention to the broom chosen, because it is imperative to take into account the nature of your coating in order to avoid degrading it. Remember to equip yourself with a model with a telescopic handle and whose shape will allow you to reach angles and nooks without difficulty.

Accessory n°3: the water line brush

During periods of intensive use, but also after wintering, the water line is often dirty, because vegetable waste, algae, sunscreen and greasy products stick together and mark your coating. Even if your pond is clean, a marked water line is unattractive. The water line brush is therefore essential to clean this sensitive area. It works perfectly without product, simply in contact with water.

Accessory n°4: the thermometer

The thermometer is an essential accessory that has several uses. It allows you to check the correct temperature of the bathing water in order to adjust it if necessary, but it is also a means of checking that the heating is working properly, of adjusting the filtration time and of an indicator for treatment forecasts since water that is too hot promotes the development of algae and bacteria.

Accessory n°5: test strips

Inexpensive, the test strips are very practical since they allow you to save your quantities of treatment products thanks to a better dosage. When dipped in water, the strips color-code the pH, stabilizer, TAC and sanitizer levels of the water. This quick measurement is very practical and ideal to carry out on a regular basis in order to check the good quality of your water and to make the necessary readjustments before the situation becomes more catastrophic.

The 5 essential leisure accessories for the swimming pool

Clean and healthy water is perfect! But taking pleasure in swimming is also essential! Here are the 5 leisure accessories you need to fully enjoy your pool.

Accessory n°6: deckchairs and sunbeds

To dress the edges of your swimming pool, deckchairs and sunbeds are essential! Perfect for their aesthetics, they are also very pleasant for relaxation. Designed for tanning, relaxation, naps, reading and all other activities, they are also very practical for parents who want to watch their children while swimming and to allow them to dry off when they get out of the pool. There is a very wide range to meet all tastes. As much as possible, invest in models that are durable and solid, but also comfortable!

Accessory n°7: inflatable mattresses

Pleasant for young and old alike, inflatable mattresses allow you to float on the surface of your pool and relax with serenity by letting yourself be carried away. There are models equipped with small supports to put a glass, a book or any other object on it. Some mattresses have a wifi speaker and others can accommodate several people. Perfect for both play and relaxation, they will be very popular in your pool.

Accessory n°8: the outdoor shower

Certainly, it is not essential insofar as you can completely shower indoors, but the outdoor shower is very practical and it will bring you a comfort that you will not be able to do without! Aesthetic, it is very simply installed next to your swimming pool, by a simple connection with your outside tap. It allows you to shower before entering the pool, which is ideal for preserving the quality of the water, but also after swimming, in order to eliminate product residues treating your skin and hair. In addition, it is versatile, since it can refresh you at any time during the summer, even after a gardening or sports session, or simply in case of heat stroke! No more back and forth with the interior!

Accessory n°9: the outdoor bar

Indispensable to your comfort, the outdoor bar is very popular. Adjoining the swimming pool, it allows you to spend pleasant moments as a couple, with family or friends, during an aperitif, a summer meal or a refreshing break in the middle of the afternoon. This friendly place saves you many round trips with the interior – and the resulting dirt and water marks – to fully enjoy your moments of sharing with serenity. You can install your drinks as your food to have everything you need at hand.

Accessory n°10: the pool house

Very useful and functional, the pool house is making a name for itself at the edge of French swimming pools. It can house the technical room, a storage space, a cloakroom, a shower and toilet area, or even a kitchen and bar area next to your swimming pool. It is a definite financial investment, but it will bring you great comfort in use, in particular by allowing you to have everything within reach, next to the pool.

Small bonus: the spa!

We couldn’t ignore the spa! If this small hot tub is not essential to your swimming pool, it is to your comfort! You can integrate it directly into your pool or install it nearby. Intimate, healthy and relaxing, the spa is entirely dedicated to your well-being and contributes to bringing real added value to your home and your exterior. With a temperature of 38°, dive into this little haven of well-being and let yourself be massaged by its hydromassage jets!

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