10 natural products essential for the maintenance of the at home

It is high time to change our consumption habits. Without knowing it, there are many natural and economical solutions to maintain the house from top to bottom. Lemon, toothpaste, flour and many others… There is therefore no need to buy chemical products, which are expensive, polluting and dangerous to health. Not to mention that they are not always very effective. Here are some good ideas for perfectly and intelligently cleaning your interior while limiting the risk of allergies, and without breaking the bank.

Le bicarbonate de sodium

It is THE absolutely essential natural product to maintain your interior because it knows how to do everything. Of mineral origin, sodium hydrogencarbonate does not present no harm for the environment. It therefore pollutes neither the air nor groundwater. Very slightly abrasive, it allows you to scour surfaces gently. Moreover, it is fungistaticwhich means that it inhibits the development of pathogenic fungi.

Highly versatile and perfectly water-soluble – that is to say, it is soluble in water – sodium bicarbonate is capable of:

  • Deodorize,
  • Declutter,
  • Descale,
  • Detach.

It can be used in all rooms of the house, in the garage, in the garden. Non-aggressive, it can be used on just about anything, with the exception of waxed furniture and aluminum. It therefore replaces chemical products for the maintenance of many surfaces, multiple materials and textiles (stainless steel, hotplates, earthenware, tomette, marble, carpet, mirrors, glazing, interior of the refrigerator, garden furniture, car, wool , silk…).

Sodium bicarbonate also helps soften water and acts as a non-aggressive whitener. It can therefore be used without fear to wash clothes, by hand or in a machine.

black soap

In addition to being an excellent cosmetic product, black soap – originally from Morocco – is obtained from crushed olives macerated in potash and salt. It’s a 100% natural solution which foams sufficiently but without excess allowing to:

  • Degrease,
  • To clean,
  • Detach.

It can be used to clean floors after being diluted in hot water according to the instructions on the bottle. You can also put a small amount of pure black soap on a damp sponge to get rid of encrusted dirt.

spirit vinegar

It can be diluted at the rate of one volume of white vinegar for 2 volumes of water or used pure if one wishes to obtain a pickling preparation. Renowned for its efficiency, alcohol vinegar is a good solution for:

  • Descale,
  • Deodorize,
  • Make shine,
  • remove rust,
  • Neutralize limescale from the water.

It can be combined with baking soda if you want to obtain a effervescent anti-limestone preparation efficient.

However, be careful when using acidic products, even if they are 100% natural. They should not, for example, be applied to certain surfaces such as stone or marble. As for their handling, it requires precautions because any acid product can be irritating to the eyes, skin and mucous membranes.

Olive oil

We know the excellent reputation of olive oil on the body, on the beauty of the skin and hair. But many consumers are unaware that it is also essential for magnify wooden furniture.

Just put a few drops on a dry, soft, lint-free microfiber cloth, and wipe it over this type of furniture. Olive oil therefore dusts, nourishes and polishes the wood. It also revives the color of light woods and is able to eliminate the rings left by water on a sideboard, worktop or table.

hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide

It is the ideal natural maintenance product to shine all the elements in E-mail bathroom and toilet. It acts as a detergent, stains, sanitizes and shines all enamelled surfaces. It is also ideal for detaching and reblanche the crockery as well as the plastic furniture such as the table in the garden furniture and the armchairs or even the base of the parasol.

With hydrogen peroxide, it is finally possible to untie clothes and linens and restore them to their new shine. Any textile that has been treated with hydrogen peroxide must imperatively be rinsed well.

Green clay

Very absorbent, the clay is used dry. It is really very effective for remove grease stains on rugs and carpets, wooden furniture, leather and porous materials, and it respects all materials and textiles, even the most delicate.


Toothpaste is very useful for cleaning the soleplate of the iron and remove scratches on different materials such as metal, glass, a mirror. It is also a super stain remover suitable for clothes because it can remove traces of lipstick, grease, tea, ink and even wine.


The high absorbency of flour makes it a perfect product for degrease kitchen utensils and even the fryer. Simply dust a greasy surface with flour, leave on for 4-5 minutes, then wipe with a damp sponge to clean as normal.

Flour is also effective for shine the faucet and the stainless steel sink. It can even remove a wine stain from clothing, a tablecloth or a table. All you have to do is sprinkle the wine stain with flour and then allow enough drying time for it to form a sort of paste. The paste is then gently removed, then the textile or furniture is cleaned as usual.

lemon juice

Depending on your needs, lemon juice can be used pure or diluted in a little water, or even combined with sodium bicarbonate or white vinegar. It is one of the natural products well known for its usefulness in terms of home maintenance. Lemon is used for:

  • Removing moths from cupboards,
  • Clean glass surfaces,
  • Descale,
  • Stripping,
  • Make shine,
  • Degrease,
  • Sanitize,
  • bleach textiles,
  • Deodorize.

Although acidic, lemon juice respects all surfaces. It can be used and abused, especially to clean and scent the trash can like the fridge.

Marseille soap

We no longer need to present this must-have used for ages for both laundry and floor care. It is the ideal detergent because it is eco-friendly. It also respects all surfaces and textiles, and it does not irritate the skin. It is used daily to clean work surfaces, pots, pans, oven doors, hobs, etc.

Marseille soap is an excellent degreaser. In liquid form, it can be combined with lemon juice to obtain a kitchen cleaning product that smells fresh.

There are many other natural solutions for top maintenance, like the onion for example, which you just have to cut in half, sprinkle each half with fine sugar then rub the rusty cast iron for the renovate. In the same way, the onion makes it possible toeffectively remove rust on garden tools, kitchen utensils such as knives, scissors or even on old taps.

From now on, each of us will be able to revise his shopping list, save money, save time and act usefully for the planet! Thanks to all these natural solutions to maintain the house, it is no longer necessary to spend hours comparing the hundreds of dangerous and expensive chemicals that abound on certain shelves of supermarkets.

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