10 reasons to replace a bathtub by a shower ?

Do you want to renovate your bathroom, are you looking for a more functional solution than the bathtub or do you simply want a walk-in shower? Know that if the bathtub remains very popular, replacing it with a shower is an approach that is increasingly practiced. Do you doubt it? Here are 10 reasons to replace a bathtub with a shower!

Reason #1: Aesthetics

Walk-in shower, shower with shower tray, industrial shower screen, stone or imitation wood walls, shower open to the room… the contemporary shower has everything to seduce. It brings an original and very elegant character to your bathroom, and to your entire home a significant added value.

Its very modern style makes it a pleasant and aesthetic equipment which is at the same time useful, functional and terribly elegant and decorative.

Reason #2: Water savings

By opting for the shower, you will certainly save water and your bills will be affected immediately. On average, a bath consumes between 150 and 200 liters, compared to only 20 to 80 liters for a shower. The difference is still almost 450 euros per year! Not only do you save money by consuming less, but in addition, avoiding wasting water is a healthy gesture for the planet. You can even go a step further by installing an economical shower head that reduces the water flow by half. As for the money saved, why not indulge yourself with it?

Reason #3: Practicality

A shower is much more practical than a bathtub. It is accessible immediately and saves you precious time. You can wash yourself much faster than if you were to draw a bath, which takes about 10 minutes to fill. It is therefore a real time saver for the morning, but also for washing the children in the evening. No more endless bath parties! Thanks to the shower, you gain in efficiency. This is a big plus for large families.

Reason #4: More secure

The shower is generally much less prone to accidents than the bathtub. Indeed, there is no wall to step over, at most a slight edge, which is safer for children, the elderly, people with reduced mobility, but also any adult. Also, flat, non-dish-shaped ground is less slippery. By opting for the shower, you therefore reduce the risk of accidents and falls when entering, while washing and when leaving.

Reason #5: More accessible

With age, the body is less mobile and stepping over the walls of a bathtub can be difficult, if not impossible. The same applies to young children or people with reduced mobility. Moreover, we can all have a bad fall one day and find ourselves immobilized for a while. The shower is thus much more accessible since it requires almost no effort. Its floor can be perfectly flat in the case of a walk-in shower, and therefore wheelchair accessible, or very low. Anyway, it is even possible to install seats and ramps and grab handles to wash without risk.

Reason n°6: Little work

Going from the bathtub to the shower is a very simple operation since no major work is necessary. Indeed, the water point is already in place and the piping and fittings are identical. It is enough simply to remove the bathtub to install a receiver or arrange a tiled floor, then to put walls. These are quick and relatively inexpensive jobs compared to the benefits.

Reason 7: Space saving

In a small bathroom, you can save space with the shower. Indeed, a bathtub measures on average 90 cm wide and 180 cm long, not to mention the thickness of its frame. It can therefore quickly become invasive. If you run out of space, you can completely replace it with a small, narrow shower. Some are closed squares of 80 cm side. You can even opt for a walk-in shower that is totally open or closed by a curtain. The space saving will be considerable.

Reason 8: Heating savings

By replacing the bathtub with a shower, you save water, but also heating! It’s a fact, because taking a bath requires heating more water than taking a shower. You will therefore greatly reduce your energy bills. To better prove it to you, know that heating the water in a bath costs you on average 140 to 160 euros per year, per person. For a shower, count only 60 to 70 euros per year and per person. Imagine the savings for an entire family! In addition, since a shower is quicker to take, you need less to heat your bathroom in winter. You save on additional heating thanks to the time saved by the shower.

Reason n°9: A cocoon of well-being

If you are a fan of well-being, thalassotherapy sessions and pampering treatments, you can opt for a very comfortable model with massage jets if you wish to have the impression of being in a spa! But this possibility is also available to you if you simply want to relax after a long day or wake up with energy and softness in the morning.

The latest models are very cocooning, they incorporate pleasant jets and nozzles for relaxing, lighting suitable for light therapy and even Bluetooth speakers! Why hesitate?

Reason #10: For Parents

Swapping the bathtub for the shower is also a good way for parents to give free rein to their privacy. Indeed, the large model showers, very fashionable, are very popular for romantic practices. More sensual, more spacious, more cocooning, they are suitable for all tastes. A boon for couples!

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