10 red flowers to have in the garden

Red flowers are timeless and obviously find their place in all gardens, whatever their style. They work wonders with decorative foliage, combine superbly with many colors, enhance flowerbeds, flowerbeds, rockeries and make terrace compositions vibrate. Red is therefore among the essentials, and the good idea is to look for all its tones, from vermilion to carmine, via ruby, scarlet or even cherry red. Here are ten perfect red flowering plants to make the garden no longer go unnoticed.

1 – The Garden Poppy (Papaver sleepy)

There are many poppies, annual or perennial, some are covered with red flowers with crinkled petals, soft as silk and blooming in summer. These plants are very appreciable for their delicate beauty, but also because they reseed themselves spontaneously.

2 – Sage (Shining sage)

With its scarlet flowers, it does not lack attraction. Easy to live with, it is perfect in beds but is just as good as a planter to brighten up balconies, terraces and window sills. There are many varieties of red flowering sage, both perennial and annual. Also recommended, red shrub sage Salvia ‘Flammen’ which blooms from May until frost.

3 – Cockscomb Amaranth (crystal)

This plant of the genus Celosia is grown as an annual. It works wonders with its flowers of extreme originality, the appearance of which evokes a crest of velvet, wavy and of a deep red (knowing that it is available in other colors). Flowering is staggered from June until frost, each inflorescence having a lifespan of about 2 months! The beauty likes both in the ground and in pots. It can therefore be placed on the garden furniture table for an astonishing decorative touch.

4 – The red rose (Rosa)

It is the unconditional of all the gardens. Its long flowering from May to November, or even more if the weather allows it, makes the rose the star of our outdoor spaces. Cut, it allows you to compose sumptuous bouquets that hold very well in a vase. And what about the heady scent of the multiple varieties of roses whose red comes in a rich palette of shades.

5 – The Botanical Peony (Paeonia tenuifolia)

Perfect for brightening up the garden from april to junethis rare peony has foliage of great finesse similar to that of certain ferns, and produces flowers 8 cm in diameter, of a very bright powerful red forming a beautiful marriage with the yellow of the stamens. This plant is also sometimes called the peony drop of blood.

6 – Ivy Pelargonium (Pelargonium x ivy)

The one that is improperly called Geranium ivy stands out as obvious for bloom in abundance window sills and railings of all kinds as well as sunny to semi-shaded embankments and flowerbeds. It makes it possible to create cascades of flowers of a magnificent red, therefore also finding its place in a suspension. This king of balconies displays a XXL flowering time from early May until frost.

7 – Dipladenia (Mandevilla sanderi)

With its multiple trumpet-shaped red flowers and its decorative glossy green foliage, this full-sun climbing plant dresses like no other trellis, pergola, palisade… Its fast-growing vines briskly reach 2 meters in length. The Dipladenia blooms from march to november. From the first frosts, it is necessary to place it indoors. If it can benefit from plenty of light and good heat in winter, it will continue to flower.

8 – The Dahlia (Dahlia)

This tuberous plant could be enough to flower an entire garden as the varieties are numerous. In addition, the Dahlia comes in countless colors. There is therefore no difficulty in finding red dahlias which will bloom from early summer until late fall. Dahlia cactus with chrysanthemum or curved flowers, Dahlia semi-cactus, Dahlia pompon, collarette, with Anemone flowers or even Orchid, Starry Dahlia, with Camellia flowers, Peony, with single flowers or even laciniated… The gender Dahlia offers each gardener the ability to create a sublime artist’s painting, predominantly red, a deep color which we cannot do without.

9 – Le Bougainvillier rouge (Bougainvillea)

This sumptuous climbing shrub brings a decorative note to the terrace or to the garden. The red variety is a real favorite with its abundant clusters of flowers of incredible delicacy in the aspect of wrinkled silkwhich follow from May until frost. To protect the Bougainvillea from the frost, it is better to grow it in pots outside the most southern regions because it is sensitive to the cold. In the Mediterranean area, it can be installed in the ground, at the foot of a pergola.

10 – Buttercup (of the genus Ranunculus)

This herbaceous plant is of a disconcerting ease of cultivation. It is therefore highly recommended for novice gardeners. Red Ranunculus thrives both in the ground and in pots, and its cut flowers last a very long time in a vase. It is not demanding in terms of watering, and is hardy enough to withstand temperatures down to -7°C. This beautiful bulbous plant offers us, May to Julysuperb, extremely graphic flowers.

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