10 tips for easy pool maintenance

If enjoying the joys of swimming is a pleasure, ensuring its maintenance is much less pleasant. However, one does not go without the other. Impossible to swim in an unmaintained pool. And if the bathing season is reduced to the period of fine weather, the maintenance of the pool must be carried out throughout the year. Nevertheless, to make this necessity an activity that does not take the form of a chore, here are our 10 tips, tricks and advice that will help you make your task easier!

Tip n°1: regularly check your equipment

The swimming pool is a whole, it is a pool whose equipment and accessories have a purpose. If one malfunctions, the delicate balance of the pool is undermined. It is therefore important to regularly check the condition of your equipment. Throughout the period of use of the swimming pool, you will not necessarily have time to carry out all the stages of a complete maintenance; an occasional glance is essential to ensure that everything is working properly.

Take advantage of winter to take the time to carefully check each of your pool equipment. Liner, filtration, seals, pump, various accessories, technical room… it’s the right time to check everything and repair or replace what needs to be. Your pool will be ready to use and you will save yourself a lot of hassle afterwards.

Tip n°2: we replace the defective material

As part of your check, take care to replace the defective parts without delay. No need to wait for the pool to be restarted in the spring if your inspection is carried out in winter, or if a breakdown occurs in the middle of the swimming season. It is better to take the initiative and replace the part or equipment that is malfunctioning. Indeed, be aware that a fragile or worn part will break and no longer work in a more or less short time. It is better to act before getting stuck, you will avoid many problems and especially more expensive repairs if the breakdown damages your pool or its equipment.

Tip n°3: regularly check the state of your water

A simple visual check is necessary throughout the year, whether during the bathing period or when the pool is winterized. If you notice that your water is cloudy or green or that plant waste is floating in it, do not wait and act. Do not leave your water in this state, because it will not be able to regain its clarity on its own. Pick up any surface debris and adjust your treatment as soon as the water becomes cloudy. And if its condition is worse, it contains algae and other micro-organisms not appreciated by swimmers, consider shock treatment. No need to wait for his condition to worsen, you will save time, you will make your job easier and you will save money.

Tip n°4: clean the filter regularly

It is imperative that your filtration device is efficient and well maintained, because filtration alone provides nearly 80% of the treatment of your bathing water. Clean your filter regularly, throughout the year to eliminate the debris that accumulates there, and especially when swimming, because the system is put to the test.

With regular cleaning, you save time and money on treatment.

Tip n°5: check the pump

The pump is an essential accessory for the proper functioning of the pool. It is therefore important to check its good condition regularly. In winter, replace defective parts and in season, make it easier by cleaning its elements and replacing them if necessary.

Tip n°6: we maintain the right balance of water

Using the pelvis upsets his balance. However, the balance of a swimming pool is extremely difficult to maintain. Check this regularly with test strips or suitable devices that allow you to check the pH of the water and other essential elements. You just have to simply rebalance everything with a good dosage of products very quickly so that everything goes back to normal as soon as possible. By acting preventively, you will avoid difficulties and the use of a possible shock treatment or high-dose products that may prevent you from enjoying swimming for a few days.

Tip n°7: we check the cleaning and maintenance equipment and we invest!

To easily maintain your swimming pool, you might as well avoid efforts by entrusting a good part of the work to suitable devices. Pool robot and other accessories are very practical to dispense with painful hours of scrubbing. On the other hand, it is important that this equipment is functional and in good condition. Invest in the equipment adapted to your pond and ensure its maintenance as soon as it is necessary. You will have everything to gain.

Tip n°8: we think of the surroundings of the pool

To avoid contaminating the water in your pool, it is important to keep the area around it clean. Remember to clean the beach and eliminate the leaves and plant debris around it. You will prevent these from falling into the water and dirtying it, rotting there and turning into algae and other micro-organisms. Also, avoid all sources of dirt in the surroundings and objects or toys that can fall into them.

Tip n°9: cover your pool

To protect the pool and the clarity of its water, it is important to protect the surface to avoid impurities and waste. To do this, opt for a swimming pool cover or for a high, medium or low shelter to form a barrier with the external elements. By protecting your pool in this way, you are helping to make it safer, a mandatory action for any private pool, and you will save yourself a lot of time, money and effort in cleaning and treatment.

Tip n°10: we think of the technical room

Remember to make sure that your technical room is in good condition, that there are no leaks and that everything is working well. It is indeed important to ensure that the space is tidy, cleaned and any defective parts replaced.

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