10 tips to eliminate bad odors in the toilet

Clean toilets are a must in a home. But sometimes an unpleasant smell can spread there. And the room doesn’t really smell good anymore. Some solutions can help remedy these bad smells. Here are 10 tips on how to fight them effectively.

1 – Baking soda

An unpleasant smell in your toilet? No thanks ! To help you solve the problem, place a small bowl filled with baking soda which can help neutralize odors. Sometimes it’s the trash can in your toilet that you simply forgot about. Rinse the (empty) trash can with vinegar water then sprinkle two teaspoons of baking soda in the bottom. Hang the trash bag in the bucket and let the baking soda work. Thanks to its deodorizing effect, it will help you get rid of strong odours. If you feel the effects are wearing off, just change the baking soda! You can attach fragrant flowers to the bowl – get creative and turn this bad smell control into a real decorating mission!

2 – Vinegar

Bad odors in your toilet can be caused by bacteria on dirty areas. Vinegar has a germicidal effect. It is therefore a miracle remedy to fight against dirt in the bathroom. When mixed with water, the acid turns into a real all-purpose weapon: fill it in a spray bottle, apply it to your surfaces and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. In addition, vinegar has a neutralizing effect on odors and prevents the formation of mold. You can mix one teaspoon with two cups of water and one teaspoon of baking soda followed by ten drops of your favorite essential oil. You fill a spray bottle with this solution: it’s a perfect recipe to get rid of bad odors and clean up the atmosphere of your toilets.

3 – You lemon

Lemons are real miracle cures when it comes to eliminating bad odors in a toilet or bathroom – they absorb and neutralize odors in no time. Just place a few slices of lemon in your room and see for yourself. Of course, regularly replace the slices every time you clean for the best freshness results!

4 – Essential oil

Do you like essential oils like eucalyptus or citrus oils, for example as bath additives? Use a few drops after going to the bathroom. The best way to do this is to fill it up in a pump spray bottle and spray a few puffs around the room. However, don’t press too hard either, otherwise there might be too strong a smell in your toilet.

5 – Incense sticks

Those who like the smell – often quite penetrating – of incense sticks can be satisfied with it. Whether on the windowsill or in a planter, the smell is sure to mask the previous one. The selection is very wide, everyone will probably find a perfume that will suit the desired mood. But not everyone likes the smell of these sticks. Anyway, be sure to put a plate or bowl for the ashes that fall next to it otherwise there is a risk of fire.

6 – Matches

This tip follows on from the previous one. When a match is ignited, a smell of sulfur is released. This also covers up the unpleasant smell – but by no means does it completely disappear.

7 – Paper from Armenia

It is a paper that comes in the form of a small notebook. With each use, just burn one of the small strips and let it burn. It is an ecological solution.

8 – Repeated uses of the flush

The odor after using the toilet can be significantly reduced if the toilet is flushed quickly. The downside is the extra water consumption. Depending on the model, a toilet flush can consume up to 15 liters of water. And several rinses can raise questions…

9 – Aeration of the room

Ventilating the room quickly eliminates odors. This is a very simple but very effective trick against unpleasant odors. Open the window wide open and let the fresh air into the room for a few minutes, it still works great. In winter, however, you should pay attention to the heating and turn it down if necessary to minimize energy waste.

10 – A Potpourri

Currently, potpourri uses the power of essential oils to get rid of unpleasant odors. It is a safe, non-toxic option that does not contain any chemicals. Using this product is simple since all you have to do is shake it before opening and then remove the lid. It’s a mobile solution since you can move your potpourri!

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