10 Tips for Modernizing Your Bathroom

We spend time in a bathroom! However, it’s not always the most modern room… Do you find yours a little outdated but you don’t plan to completely redo it? Here are some tips to quickly give a real facelift to your bathroom.

1 – Bet on paint

A can of paint can completely change the look of your bathroom, and at little cost. See what your bathroom needs most and dare to color. No need to repaint everything to bring modernity. Just choose a beautiful color, vitaminized as desired. A duck blue, an ocher or lemon yellow, a spicy red, a peppy orange, a deep green… We bet that a well-chosen color will put you in a good mood in the morning.

  • Repaint your old bathtub. Yes, why not? With a special moisture-resistant paint, you can hide the wear and tear on the bathtub and give it a real facelift. If the apron is visible, colorful, it becomes an essential decorative element!
  • Paint a wall in color. Just one wall is enough to modernize and warm the room.
  • Paint the wall tile. Too old, too outdated…? Use tile paint that is waterproof and washable. Sanding your tiles and they’re ready: paint them the color of your choice.
  • Paint the floor tiles. If you find that your tiles don’t look like much anymore, a lick of paint could give it a new look. There are special tile paints that will have no trouble covering up the old fashioned patterns on your floor.
  • Repaint your towel warmer white. If you have one, give it a more vibrant color and your whole bathroom will benefit from it.

2 – Dress the floor

You have no idea how old the look of the floor can be in a bathroom. How to modernize it? There are several solutions, depending on your tastes and budget. Sometimes you just need to add a beautiful carpet contemporary, soft and very thick, which brings warmth and comfort while modernizing the room.

You already know that we can to paint a tiling. But you can also easily cover it with a new coating. For example, adhesive tiles, PVC tiles or vinyl flooring (insulating, waterproof and inexpensive).

3 – Decorate the walls

You can, as we said, warm up a wall in your bathroom by painting in a lively and modern color. But there are other ways to modernize a wall.

Why not dress it up with a composition of frames varied? You can present children’s drawings, souvenir photos, postcards or quotes, all in frames of various shapes and sizes. Moisture-resistant frames are preferred. The idea is to give your bathroom walls a cheerful and colorful life; plastic frames will suffice to display your treasures.

And your wall tiles? A little sad? Try the application of stickers. Easy to install, they will quickly give a new style to your old white tiles.

Have you thought about wallpaper ? It returns, with modern designs, in a waterproof and moisture-resistant version, to decorate your walls in an unprecedented way.

4 – Change sink and taps

Nothing like a faucets new with a contemporary design to rejuvenate a bathroom. The style of the fittings often influences the whole room. Do not hesitate to change the old faucets of the sink or the bathtub. A modern mixer will impose its style. And no need to buy the most expensive ones; there’s enough choice to find a faucet to suit your taste and budget. You can also replace your old-fashioned sink with a basin contemporary. Combined with a classic mixer, its rounded or geometric shape will bring a touch that is both modern and timeless.

5 – Makeover your bathroom furniture

Maybe it’s the furniture that gives your bathroom that old-fashioned look? feel free to replace your old shelf or under your sink with new and much more designer furniture. Don’t have the budget to buy it all back? Never mind, there is always a way to do something new with something old. For example, you can just changer l’aspect some furniture. A new coat of paint, an original sticker, a new facade…? Add an original handle (flecked up at a flea market or resolutely design), and here is your old piece of furniture clearly rejuvenated. Another way to modernize your bathroom is to wall mount shelves. With its sober lines, a shelf dresses the walls with more modernity than a piece of pine furniture from the 90s… Its secret: everything placed on it is immediately highlighted and easy to access.

6 – Shower curtain, bath linen… Dare to colour!

A modern bathroom knows how to balance the sobriety of the lines and the liveliness of the colours. Bring in the dynamics of colors with small vitamin touches. Your shower curtain can become a first-class decorative element. There are so many of them that you will certainly find a curtain capable of giving your shower a boost. Trendy colors, geometric or vegetal patterns… Whatever your mood, go for it!

And your bath sheets, we are talking about it ? Maybe it’s time to renew them for beautiful soft and thick towels, with intense colors. That alone is enough to give your bathroom a new look!

7 – Brighten up your bathroom

No, it’s not about putting neon lights everywhere! But your bathroom, like many others, may be small in size and without any windows. It is worth rethinking its lighting. Opt for daylight lighting, too naturel as possible. Avoid colored bulbs. The mirror framed by small colored bulbs is not the most modern thing in a bathroom… On the contrary, it is better to install several small mirrors on your walls – or a single large mirror – so as to multiply the light and illuminate the room naturally. A bath of soft light, what a pleasure!

8 – Play with storage accessories

  • On your shelves, each object can be taken for a work of art. So do not hesitate. For your small storage, select pretty jars, wicker baskets or fabric boxes. You will thus store your cottons, toothbrushes, combs and other toilet utensils in decorative and trendy objects. If you are a DIY fan, have fun making or decorating your own recycled storage. Your bathroom will only have more charm.
  • As for the shampoo or shower gel, why not pour them into vials with contemporary lines? They will advantageously sit on the edge of the bathtub…
  • On the storage side, don’t forget that your old dirty laundry bag occupies an important place in the bathroom. It’s time to change it for a basket more contemporary, in natural materials (wicker, seagrass, bamboo, etc.). Make your laundry basket the modern and warm touch of your bathroom.
  • Don’t hang your bathrobe on the coat hook plastic from the 70s… Unless you have a mad nostalgia for that era, you could replace them with more modern coat hooks, right? Especially since nowadays, there are very beautiful ones. No longer secretly hang your clothes behind the door! A few elegant and designer coat hooks on a wall will give it a whole new style.
  • Some accessories practical and natural know perfectly how to bring a new look to a bathroom. This is the case of the towel ladder, always acclaimed. In raw wood, coloured, homemade… the style is up to you!

9 – Welcome a green plant

A modern bathroom cannot do without a touch of vegetation… Unless your bathroom is totally blind, you can install green plants there which appreciate the ambient humidity. This is the case with some orchids. Arrange them in different places in the bathroom, on a shelf, near the bathtub, on a piece of furniture… Nothing is more modern than vegetation! You can even create a wall of greenery to isolate the bathtub space, for example.

And if your bathroom is too dark, you can still resort to artificial green plants. Rest assured, they also have their little effect.

10 – Install a corner or pause

Yes, the bathroom has become a living room. If you think modernity, don’t just wash or put on makeup. Consider installing a small relaxation area. Candles, cushions, a comfortable armchair or a small bench… Just to spend some time with a tea, reading the news or immersing yourself in a novel. Imagine your bathroom as a small living room, and you will touch total modernity!

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