10 tips for modernizing your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the rooms where you probably spend the most time. Do you find it old-fashioned and old-fashioned? It’s time to modernize it. A modern kitchen is intended to be sober, functional and convivial. Clean lines and style are what will give your kitchen its contemporary charm. But no need to redo the whole kitchen; Here are 10 tips to modernize your kitchen without breaking everything.

1 – Refresh the walls

The appearance of the walls is a strong marker of your kitchen. There’s nothing worse than a bland, decrepit color to dampen the mood. To revamp your walls, several solutions are available to you.

  • Paint the walls with color. If your kitchen is not very big, this total look will give it a new lease of life. You can play with two or three colors to create a modern style. Want to wake up your kitchen without stinging your eyes? The formula is a lot of sweetness and a bit of dynamite. A dominant of neutral tones (light gray, pastel tones, sand, etc.) and a small dose of bright color, just on a wall or the credenza. Dare to go with dark purple, blue-green, burgundy red, terra-de-fire orange… A real color with personality! If the walls of your kitchen are not too faded, just paint one wall… but with plenty of vitamins!
  • Paint a “blackboard” wall. Another formula is to brush an entire wall with slate paint. It’s not only very modern, but also more practical than Post-its to jot down the shopping list. And then you can give free rein to the creativity of the little ones. Finally a wall that can be filled with pretty drawings and tender messages!
  • Create a mineral wall. Why not try painting a waxed concrete wall? The choice of material and mineral effect is original and ultra modern. A simple way to give your kitchen a very contemporary industrial look. The textured aspect of the concrete plays with the slightest light… Close your eyes, it’s like being in New York.

2 – Completely change the floor

Step into a kitchen: the floor jumps out at you. Just change the coating to create a different atmosphere. Come on, say goodbye to your old, faded tiles or lino. You can give it a modern look inexpensively.

  • Apply a paint floor tile epoxy. You choose the color.
  • Ask a faux parquet. Soft and natural atmosphere.
  • Vinyl flooring or plaques PVC that imitate everything you want: marble, wood, tiles, etc.
  • Ask cement tiles. Grand standing !
  • think about waxed concrete, modern and easy to maintain. It also covers the joints of your old tiles and gives an unexpected feeling of space.

3 – Refresh your furniture

Sure, old furniture doesn’t sound very modern… But is it necessary to buy new ones? If you have the budget for it, don’t deprive yourself of it! Designer furniture in melamine or lacquered laminate will give your kitchen a truly contemporary style. But if you prefer to keep the furniture in place, see some tips to give it style. And it’s stunning…

  • Put an adhesive coating on the facade. You can transform your old piece of furniture with a wood, plain, slate, metal, patterned pattern… Armed with a cutter and a masking palette, apply the adhesive rolls of your choice. The idea is to keep the same style for all the furniture. Take the measurements and have the stickers cut to measure, to the exact size of your furniture.
  • Change cupboard doors. Ok it’s a bit more expensive, but it’s not about makeup anymore. A piece of furniture can completely change its look with just a new door. So an entire kitchen… You will have the most beautiful and long-lasting result.
  • Repaint the furniture. The eternal pot of paint can still work wonders. You just have to choose a nice color, in a special kitchen furniture paint. A durable and easy-care solution. All you have to do is repaint the front of the furniture and your kitchen will regain its full dynamism. Whether your kitchen is rustic, all wood, or melamine, you’ll be amazed at the change. You can opt for an epoxy furniture paint. Very covering, resistant to shocks, stains and abrasion, it has the merit of adapting to almost all supports.
  • Place on the shelves. Replace the old dresser or wall units with wall shelves. Your walls will gain in lightness and transparency, guarantees of modernity. Why hide your beautiful dishes?

4 – Transform the credenza

You know, that tiled wall space above the worktop… Well, the credenza is a space that should not be neglected in decorating a kitchen. By modernizing it, you change the general atmosphere.

  • Repaint the backsplash tiles. In a kitchen, it is better to use a special tiling paint, resistant to water and heat, or a ceramic resin. For a nice overall effect, be sure to harmonize the splashback with another color in the kitchen (for example that of the furniture or a colored wall).
  • Renovate the backsplash with waxed concrete. This method makes the tiles completely disappear by covering them. This ultra trendy material is resistant and durable.
  • Paste a new credenza. A simple way to change your credenza without work is to stick an adhesive credenza. It’s up to you to choose the pattern or the color.
  • Dress up your splashback with adhesive patterns. Modernity can go through PVC, metal, patterned or plain adhesive plates according to taste. Very easy to get a nice result!

5 – Modernize the work plan

You spend time there, on your worktop, lovingly preparing good meals… But perhaps it deserves to be changed?

  • With a small budget, lay a laminate plan. It can brilliantly imitate other materials such as stone, wood, metal…
  • If your wallet is full, buy a plan in solid wood or stone, or even steel or metal. These natural materials will bring a timeless touch to your kitchen. And that is precisely modernity.
  • Repaint your work plan. Without changing it, transform your worktop with furniture paint or resin for food surfaces.
  • Apply waxed concrete. This is the trick to cover an old work plan while ensuring its entry into modernity. It covers all materials except wood and metal and its installation is quite technical. But it is modern, chic and resistant.
  • Lay down a sheet of zinc. The style ! But there again, if you are not the welding champion, it is better to go through a specialist.

6 – Think about details and finishes

The modern spirit sometimes comes down to a few details. What are the little things that change everything?

  • Change furniture handles. It’s so easy to do that you don’t think about it. In new or flea market, you will find handles of all styles. Once you have chosen a sober and modern handle, replace it with all the kitchen door knobs. Another option: mismatched buttons!
  • Opt for a small designer appliance. For the toaster, the coffee maker or the kettle, choose designer lines, sleek, with trendy materials.
  • Pamper the small furniture. What if you replaced your old chairs with current ones? The same goes for your table from the last century or the wall clock… A designer clock or light brings an undeniable touch of modernity.

7 – Prefer stylish household appliances

If you can, buy appliances with a stainless steel look instead, a solid and always modern material. Even better: a modern kitchen tends to hide appliances. The fridge becomes invisible behind a door, the oven is dressed in dark tones to go unnoticed…

8 – Be sober

In a kitchen, modernity rhymes with sobriety, transparency and purity of lines… This is not the place to pile up a collection of holiday memories and heaps of trinkets to collect dust. On your shelves, put only the essentials. Kitchen utensils of course, as well as carefully chosen decorative objects. Clutter is no longer on the agenda. Tidy up your kitchen until every item has its place. If there are too many, well… get rid of them!

9 – Promote a natural and friendly atmosphere

Haven’t you been told that nature is the most modern thing? You have two ways to let nature into your kitchen:

  • Install aromatic plants and herbs. On the edge of the window, cultivate aromatic herbs and bring their fresh and delicious flavors to your menus. Also put a nice plant on a shelf. Its greenery brings the welcoming and warm note that some kitchens lack.
  • Create a natural light atmosphere. If you can give your kitchen light and bright tones, that’s great. Reinforce the lighting atmosphere by having a light source for each space: the worktop, the table, etc. A rail of adjustable LED spotlights can be enough to create light islands. A beautiful contemporary chandelier in the middle of the room will also bring its touch of modernity. In short, pay attention to the distribution of light.

10 – Change the sink and faucets

The style of your sink or faucet is from another era? Change the century!

  • An old faucet can be replaced by a mixer tap. More practical and economical, the mixer is above all more modern. Do not hesitate.
  • As for your old sink, replace it with a contemporary sink. Opt for example for a stainless steel sink, design and easy to maintain, with clean lines. Embedded in a modern plan, it gives style to the kitchen.

How do you plan to modernize your kitchen? Each of these tricks can give it a new style. The objective is to enjoy a pleasant and friendly space where you will like to take the time to live.

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