10 tips for a successful apartment renovation

Do you want to freshen up your apartment or have you just bought an apartment to renovate? Embarking on such a project is far from simple, but so interesting! Nowadays, there are indeed multiple solutions to carry out a successful renovation of your home, as presented in the renovation guide by hemea. Here are our 10 tips for doing it successfully.

Tip n°1: we review your renovation project to make an appropriate inventory

The renovation of your apartment should not be improvised. On the contrary, it is an important project that it is essential to plan and design well from A to Z so as not to omit anything. Alone or accompanied by an architect or project manager, we recommend that you make an inventory of your apartment to define the limits of your renovation and not forget any item or essential element.

List all the renovations to be undertaken, whether redevelopment, upgrading or simple decoration. Do not forget anything to be able to consider your project as a whole and implement a coherent renovation.

Tip n°2: we establish a schedule

It is important to take the time to draw up a precise schedule for your renovation project once the inventory has been completed. Indeed, you will have to take stock with the professional craftsmen for the choice of equipment and the work to be planned. They will be able to inform you about the positions that concern them and advise you on the order to consider for a successful renovation and within a reasonable time. Be precise in your chronology in order to avoid that the craftsmen cross in disorder. It would indeed be a shame to damage your beautiful coating for the installation of new equipment.

Tip n°3: define your budget and adapt to it

It is very difficult to predict an accurate estimate of the cost of your renovation. Nevertheless, it is important for you to define the overall budget that you are ready to devote to it. It’s up to you to take the time to point out your available means according to your current expenses and your income, to consider, if necessary, the use of a loan that will then have to be repaid, or to dip into your savings. This choice is yours, but be sure to set an amount to spend on your project without risking putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

Secondly, list your renovation needs and ensure that the expenses to be considered coincide with your financial means. If not, or if you are too close to your maximum budget, list your priorities and set aside less urgent items for later investment. Be rigorous in your forecasts, because all the work generates surprises and unexpected expenses!

Tip #4: We respect the law

Even if you are at home, you do not have the right to operate any work. The renovation of an apartment is regulated by law.

You have the right to carry out certain works without requesting authorization insofar as these do not affect your building, its structure, its occupants and the common areas. You therefore have the possibility of redoing your bathroom, your kitchen, or any other room, of insulating your home, of embellishing it inside, of equipping it to adapt it to the needs of a person with reduced mobility, etc.

However, if you live in a condominium, a prior agreement will be necessary for more substantial work, such as the creation of a door, the opening or reduction of a partition, the development of attics, etc.

Finally, work that is visible from the outside and which changes the appearance of your home must also require the agreement of your municipality’s town planning department. This is the case for modifying your windows, adding new openings, changing the color of shutters or facades or installing new types of shutters.

Find out well in advance to avoid having to destroy your renovation at your expense!

Tip n°5: we select the right professionals

Not all construction professionals are created equal. It is therefore important to take the time to select the right craftsmen to succeed in your work. Don’t hesitate to meet them and invite them to your home to establish precise quotes before you commit. Finally, define with everyone a schedule of interventions to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Tip n°6: we follow the construction site

Even if you do not occupy your apartment during the works, it is essential to follow the construction site. Check the progress of each position and ensure that the work is done correctly. You will avoid wasting time at the reception, delaying the end of the work for possible repairs and having to engage in complex procedures in the event of poor workmanship.

Tip n°7: we optimize the spaces while respecting the place

Your project must allow you to optimize the space of your apartment while respecting it. Design your renovation project in this sense to gain comfort. If your apartment is small, consider knocking down partitions, sliding doors, skylights to gain brightness, multiple storage spaces, etc.

If you live in an old apartment, respect the soul of the place. You are free to renovate it as you see fit within the limits of the law, of course, but we advise you to keep the unique character of your accommodation. Review its design and layout to optimize space and gain comfort, but avoid erasing its entire history with an overabundance of modernity, as this type of project is often regretted by owners.

Tip n°8: we design a pretty adapted decoration

The decoration is a strong point of the renovation. To breathe new life into your apartment, define the decoration that inspires you and distill it intelligently. To feel good at home, let your desires do the talking, but also respect the place. Be careful not to overload the rooms and to harmonize your decorative ideas well.

Tip n°9: we take into account everyone’s needs

We sometimes tend to think about our current needs, but forget about our future needs! However, in the context of an apartment renovation project, it is important to see further. You are in a relationship, but you plan to have children, so think about their space. Your children are happy to share the same room, but what will happen when they are teenagers or young adults? You are still young, we have no doubt about it, but have you thought about arranging your rooms to meet the needs of a more advanced age? Think about all these details as part of your project.

Tip n°10: we opt for quality

It is not possible to succeed in your renovation work without opting for quality. If your budget is limited, it is better to think smaller or be patient and progress step by step over your financial possibilities, than to buy at a low price. It is indeed important to invest in quality equipment that will save you money in use. By choosing low-end materials, you run the risk of having to replace them very quickly and ultimately spending a lot more money.

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