10 tips for updating your deck

You would like to rejuvenate your old terrace, but without redoing everything? Fortunately, there is a way to modernize it without breaking the bank or doing major work. From floor to ceiling (so to speak), here are some tips and tricks to give a real facelift to your summer evenings.

1 – Change the flooring

If the floor of your terrace is old and worn, the general atmosphere suffers. To refresh the style of your terrace, change its flooring. You can cover it with a pine duckboard, seaside atmosphere, or with cement tile paving… Or even waxed concrete, clip-on tiles in wood, slate or natural stone, epoxy resin, etc. you to see, according to the trends of the moment, what suits you best.

2 – Revamp your garden furniture

And if you replaced your old plastic furniture with a comfortable and stylish garden set? You will easily find outdoor lounges in wood or colored metal at very reasonable prices. But if you don’t want to buy the furniture, just as refresh the ones you have. A good coat of paint on your chairs, table and armchairs will give them a new lease of life. And do not hesitate to play with happy colors!

Another thing: think about renovate your wooden and rattan furniture; you will be amazed at their effect when they have regained their original shade.

Do you prefer to do everything yourself? Think of retrieve pallets to DIY a comfortable and trendy garden furniture. A little paint and a few cushions, it’s Byzantium!

3 – Install a shade sail

Farewell, old parasol that you have to constantly turn to avoid the sun in your eye… Hello shade sail, sober and stylish. Not only does it shade, but what style! And then not expensive with that… The best thing is to install several, depending on the size of your terrace, to take advantage of their shade at any time of the day.

4 – Light up your terrace

In the evening, the whole atmosphere of your terrace is based on its lighting. And we know that some evenings, the vigils are particularly long… So we might as well make light a real asset. Vary the spotlights: a hanging light garland, a few guinguette lanterns, candle holders and lanterns placed on the floor and on the table for your beautiful candles (mosquito repellent)… Light is the promise of a warm and intimate atmosphere .

5 – Install plants

Even if your terrace is small – especially if it is small – do not hesitate to green it. With a few plants, you can transform a balcony or a garden terrace into an oasis of freshness and rest. Change of scenery guaranteed. Bet on large potted plants, which will form a green curtain, and small plants, placed or suspended. As a bonus, be sure to choose the cachepots carefully. In metal or dressed in bright colors, planters are an element of modernity that should not be overlooked.

6 – Bet on accessories

Sometimes nothing is enough to change everything! Some cushions new and colorful are sure to wake up a slightly faded living room sofa. And the carpet outdoor, have you thought about it? To hide a worn floor while brightening up your relaxation area, it has no equal! Plain rug to accommodate patterned floor cushions, rugs with geometric, jungle or ethnic patterns… It’s up to you. others accessories can help modernize a terrace: a metal flower box, a glass demijohn, a few large brightly colored candle holders… Have fun with shapes, colors and materials.

7 – Choose a style

Modernity often resides in the harmonization of elements. Creating a style gives a special vibe to a room, and the same goes for your patio. What style do you want to give it?

  • Naturel : a little bohemian, with its raw materials and ethnic motifs highlighted by an atmosphere of sober colors, black or gray.
  • Chart : natural materials, wood or metal, contrasting with clean lines and black and white accessories.
  • Recovery: pallet furniture, mottled decoration, but extreme care given to the design and enhancement of each object.
  • Nordic: authentic and raw materials, cozy atmosphere, wrought iron lanterns, soft rugs and cotton plaids for slightly chilly evenings…
  • Colored: bright colors with small touches (cushion, planter…), furniture with simple lines, sobriety and comfort. The chic of color!

Create your own style. The main thing is to harmonize materials, shapes and colors according to the atmosphere you want to create.

8 – Set up a dining area

On a modern terrace, we take the time to share an aperitif or a barbecue… Plan a dining area to have everything on site: the bbq furniture, storage for summer crockery, a small bar… We let your imagination do the rest, depending on the number of friends you receive on your terrace! Above all, bet on comfort. Installed in a comfortable living room, we spend all the more time having dinner and putting the world to rights…

9 – Repaint the shutters

Yes, the terrace is often leaned against the wall of your house, or on a balcony… The state of the shutters which serve as background decoration can downright harm the atmosphere. Repaint the shutters of your windows, it will really change the atmosphere of the terrace. And even the whole garden. If you can, do not hesitate to forget the white for a warmer and more dynamic color. A beautiful green or a deep blue will give a completely different atmosphere.

10 – Dare to color!

Okay, we’ve said it before… But the choice of colors is perhaps what modernizes a terrace the most. Outside, a soft and warm atmosphere combines several elements. You need to harmonize the purity of the lines, the choice of materials and the color of the elements. Bright colors immediately give their touch of modernity. They also go well with a living room in raw wood, wicker armchairs or metal chairs. A unique color declined on cushions, candle holders and planters, and the whole terrace vibrates… Do not hesitate.

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