12 flowering trees to beautify your garden

A garden, whether small or large, takes on a particular elegance when flowering trees are planted there. They also provide shade and give character to this natural space. There are a multitude of species. The choice must be dictated by their size according to the area of ​​the ground of course for a consistent result, but also by the climate because if some tolerate very cold weather, others do not tolerate frost. The latter must therefore be planted in pots rather than in the ground to be able to be sheltered in winter. Here is a selection of 12 flowering trees to make the garden very attractive.

1 – Honeysuckle

Ce climbing is adorned with very abundant fragrant flowers of different colors. It flowers from the month of Juneand some varieties produce flowers until frost. The Honeysuckle is perfect for dressing low walls, fences, pergolas, terrace railings, and is not very demanding in terms of care.

2 – The Camellia

Extremely hardy, the camellia embellishes the garden with its large white, pink, red or purple flowers, end of November until March. It is grown in the ground as well as in pots, in heather soil.

3 – The Lilac

It is among the essential flowering trees to magnify a garden in spring with its multiple flowers in lilac-colored bouquets with a very developed fragrance. Easy to live with, it thrives in all our regions because it withstands temperatures down to -20°C.

4 – The Ceanothe

It is a tree whose blue flowers bloom from June to September. Although fast growing, it is ideal for embellishing a small garden since it does not exceed 4 meters in height in adulthood and its size remains moderate. Moderately hardy, it withstands down to -6°C.

5 – The Four Seasons Mimosa

Splendid in the middle of a beautiful lawn, it illuminates the garden with its multiple clusters of yellow flowers in clusters whose scent is bewitching. It blooms many times in the year. As it is not very hardy, it is better to protect it from -3°C with mulch and a winter veil.

6 – The Linden

Ideal in a park, this imposing tree is covered in may June a multitude of clusters of very fragrant yellow or white flowers. In autumn, its leaves take on a magnificent golden yellow color. Linden is ideal for embellishing and shading a large garden and also makes it possible to prepare good infusions. It can be planted in all our regions since it withstands down to -20°C.

7 – Japanese Quince

It is a highly prized ornamental tree for its spring bloom purplish pink to bright red. It is very easy to grow and its great hardiness allows it to withstand temperatures down to -25°C.

8 – The Albizia

It is nicknamed Silk tree. With its finely cut and subtly scented soft mauve flowers, it does wonders in the garden. from July to the end of September. But to flower abundantly it is better to prune it severely in February-March. It must be planted at a good distance from a building, a paved driveway or a tiled terrace because its root system is tracing. Because of its low hardiness, the Albizia is a flowering tree rather suitable for regions with mild winters.

9 – The Tamarisk

We love the note of lightness it brings to the garden, its very graceful, slightly hanging habit and its abundant vaporous flowering of a more or less bright pink or white. There are different varieties of Tamarisk, the spring tamarisk and the summer tamarisk, enough to stagger flowering. These flowering trees are resistant to all diseases and are very hardy since they tolerate temperatures down to -20°C.

10 – The Magnolia

This tree is spectacular with its fragrant flowers, purple, pink or white, and whose shape evokes large tulips. You can opt for a Magnolia at early floweringi.e. from the month of February, or for a Magnolia at summer flowering. Before planting a Magnolia to beautify your garden, it is important to find out about its hardiness, which varies according to the species.

11 – Prunus

This tree is adorned with very abundant pink flowers au early spring. Then form the leaves whose purple color is of great beauty. The Prunus is therefore an ornamental tree that beautifies the garden from the end of winter until the heart of autumn.

12 – Le Bougainvillier

Absolutely dazzling, the Bougainvillea covers itself May to November spectacular flowering. Its flowers of great delicacy come in a rich palette of colors: white, pink, yellow, orange, red, purple. This climbing shrub brings a Mediterranean note to the garden. It is only planted in the ground in the southern regions. It likes full sun and should be sheltered from prevailing winds. Everywhere else, it is grown in tubs to be able to bring it in just before the first frosts because it is sensitive to the cold.

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