28 aquatic plants to install in your pond

Owning a pond is a chance because it allows plant lovers to decorate their garden with aquatic plants of the most beautiful effect. If, in addition, the vegetated pond is visible from the house, you can enjoy a spectacular view in all seasons. Here, sorted by zone de plantation28 easy-going aquatic plants to choose from for their beauty indisputable. Some of them are essential oxygenating or filtering plants in a pond.

7 Floating Aquatic Plants

  • water hyacinth,
  • Lotus,
  • Waterlily,
  • Nenuphar,
  • duckweed,
  • water vanilla,
  • Water buttercup…

7 Submerged Plants for Water Garden

  • Potamot,
  • Hippuris,
  • Urticularia vulgaris,
  • Myriophylle,
  • Azolla filiculoid,
  • cornifle
  • Solder trisulca…

14 Aquatic plants for pond banks

  • California anemopsis,
  • Myosotis palustris
  • water chestnut,
  • Sagittarius,
  • white pickerel,
  • Blue-flowered Pontederia,
  • Cyperus,
  • bangle,
  • Acore odorant,
  • Swamp Caltha,
  • Iris pseudacorus
  • Smooth rainbow
  • Carex,
  • Arum blanc…

Install your aquatic plants in the right place

When buying different aquatic plants, it is essential to be well informed about each of them in order to know exactly whether it is a floating, submerged or shore species. In addition, some crash in the groundthat’s to say at the bottom of the poolothers in hole baskets which must then be placed in water. By growing aquatic plants in special pots, it is easier to control their development. Growing in containers is therefore highly recommended for aquatic plants that can quickly become invasive.

The choice of shoreline plants should not be neglected either. They are essential for keep the earth from the banks, which thanks to these plants has much less risk of descending little by little into the basin or the pond. It is interesting to opt for low species, others taller, some can also be selected from the plants of the banks. In this way, the whole wildlife can find the refuge that suits him best.

Aquatic plants for a breathtaking spectacle

Once the banks and the pond are well vegetated, the garden takes on another dimension. In this way we create a exceptional environment, where it is good to live in the middle of all this luxuriant vegetation. If, at the same time, we pay attention to its beds, flowerbeds and terrace where many plants can be grown in pots or containers, we can create a real paradise.

Live in the heart of a garden embellished with a pond and where thevegetal exuberance can only promote meditation and soothe the mind as much as the body. It may then be superfluous to travel hundreds of kilometers to change the landscape, the change of scenery being insured in its own garden and can easily satisfy people who dream of escape.

If you lack time or knowledge in terms of gardening or if you do not know which aquatic plants to choose, do not hesitate to hire a landscaper to take care of installing the appropriate plants around and in the pool. We take the opportunity to also entrust him with the development of the pleasure garden in order to be able to have a green setting without equal.

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