3 ideas to create a cheap dressing room at home

The dressing room takes its place in a bedroom. It allows your wardrobe to be well distributed, but also to protect your clothes well. The installation of a dressing room requires adequate space.

In fact, it is more about organization and creativity in order to obtain a satisfactory result. Optimizing storage space is not an easy task, but having the right accessories is your best asset. The hardest thing to do will actually be the optimized sorting of your clothes.

Optimize storage space

The idea is to occupy as much space as possible in order to store your belongings. Thus, you should not neglect the nooks and crannies of your room. To do this, you have many options for adjusting your wardrobe. First option, choose corner storage cabinets. You will be able to benefit from several compartments to properly classify your personal effects.

You can also incorporate shelving for more space. In addition, at the time of home staging and decoration, with imagination, your dressing room can also serve as a decorative element. To do this, make a tailor-made one that will be perfectly optimized for the available space.

Choose the right accessories for your dressing room

In order to obtain a satisfactory result, you need the right accessories to properly equip your dressing room. The choice is vast in this area. Take care to combine functionality and elegance to make your dressing room stand out. If you live in a small room, it is best to opt for a floating wardrobe. It will give you more space on the floor, but also on the ceiling. You can use cupboards and baskets so your things don’t get scattered around.

Choose hangers to hang your scarves, ties and belts. Simply hang the set on your closet bar. The clothes rack is just as effective. On the shoe side, you can place them just below your clothes, or store them on racks or shelves made especially for them.

Sort out your stuff

It should be noted that the choice of accessories and how you will optimize your dressing room depends on your personal affairs. To do this, you must sort out what is no longer important, that you no longer wear or that is outdated or even worn out. Feel free to make a small list of what you will need.

Classify each piece of clothing by category and note what you have in excess: pants, jacket or dress. Thus, you will have an overview of how you can arrange your dressing room. Of course, you can sell or give away items that you will no longer use. This sorting process will later make your task easier in terms of choosing accessories.

Tips and tricks

The doors of your dressing room are an essential detail that gives you space. Opt for sliding door models. If you don’t have enough space, bet on the curtains. Another tip, make sure your wardrobe has two compartments. This will help you categorize your clothes by season.

Last detail: don’t forget that having good lighting in your closet is a significant plus. Use recessed spotlights for this.

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