3 solutions to create new rooms in the at home

When the children grow and demand more space or the family grows, we often face the problem of lack of space. You then dream of an extra bedroom that could be very useful to you, but the rooms in the house are unfortunately all occupied. What if there were not one but three ways to expand your home?

Give new life to your cellar

Many houses have cellars or basements that serve as storage rooms and remain completely unused. It’s such a shame, because these rooms represent a plus for the living space, but few people know how to take advantage of them. It is true that having ideas for furnishing a house is not always easy, but it can be learned. So to be able to turn your basement into a new bedroom, library, or playroom, you’re going to have to clean, repaint, redo the ceiling, floor, and install outlets, etc. is the lighting.

Indeed, a basement is generally a dark, poorly ventilated and sometimes humid place. To be able to make it a habitable room, it will therefore be necessary to install windows and other devices to take advantage of natural light in order to reduce the use of light fixtures as much as possible. It will also be necessary to ensure the possibility of setting up ventilation and heating, without forgetting to solve the problems of humidity, which could lead to invasions of fungi.

Get high

If you have an unused attic, you can arrange it the same way as the basement. On the other hand, if your house has a roof directly above the ceiling, you can create one or even several rooms by raising your roof. Obviously, this operation can only be carried out if the foundations of your house allow it, and you will need to obtain an extension permit. Raising the roof can offer you alternatives for the new room you plan to create: either a mezzanine or an entire new floor.

If the foundations of your house or the urbanization plans do not allow you to raise an additional floor, you can opt for the mezzanine. Your choice may as well be based on your budget, your tastes and your needs. But, whatever it is, remember to choose the right staircase model so that it does not become a source of clutter in the room that hosts it.

raise the roof

Make use of the free space in your garden

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden. So if you have one and on the other hand, your living space at home is no longer enough, why not make an extension? The idea is simple, it is to create a new room by building a continuity of your house on the free space of your courtyard or your garden. Here too, obtaining a building permit is required before starting work. Be aware, however, that the costs are likely to be quite high, because just like raising the roof, the extension work is similar to that of a new construction.

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