37 kW charging station: when should you choose this wallbox? How much does it cost?

The charging station with a power of 3.7 kW is the least powerful of the wallboxes. Although it is not suitable for all electric vehicles, in particular those with a large capacity battery, this wallbox is very suitable for motorists who have a low-power electric car and who do not travel a lot of kilometers in the year in particular.

The characteristics of a 3.7 kW charging station

The majority of owners of an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle choose the more comfortable solution of charging their car at home.

For this, they have the option of using a simple household electrical outlet, or a so-called “reinforced” outlet which gives better results because its power is higher than a standard outlet. Nevertheless, these solutions do not make it possible to recharge the battery of an electric car in an efficient manner as regards in particular the recharge time which is long. In addition, in terms of safety, a household socket, especially standard, presents risks of incidents caused by the possible overheating of the electrical installation of the house.

This is why many are instead equipped with a wallbox-type charging station. It is concretely a small charging box which is very easily fixed on the wall of a garage for example, or on a private parking space for residents of apartment buildings, and which is easily connected to the electrical panel. from the house using a specific cable. This charging system is more suitable for charging an electric vehicle and offers better performance. The wallbox is also recommended by the majority of electric vehicle manufacturers.

There are several wallbox models that differ in particular according to their power. The higher the latter, the more it is possible to recharge an electric vehicle in a minimum of time, a charging time much shorter than that of a standard socket (whose power is 2.2 kW) or reinforced. Thus, depending on their needs, their type of electric car and their use, several wallbox powers are available on the market: the 22 kW, 11 kW, 7 kW and 3.7 kW wallbox.

The wallbox, which has a power of 3.7 kW, is therefore the least powerful of these types of charging systems. This feature makes it the charging station that takes the longest to charge an electric car. It ensures, in fact, a recharge that can range from 15 to 25 km of autonomy per hour.

A 3.7 kW charging station: for what use?

If the 3.7 kW charging station is not suitable for all electric vehicles, especially those with a long range and which require high charging power, the relatively low power of this wallbox, but higher than that of a simple electrical outlet, or even a reinforced one, is ideal, for example, for owners of a plug-in hybrid car. This type of vehicle, in fact, has a limited storage capacity since its electric motor is coupled to a heat engine.

In any case, when buying an electric vehicle, the seller will inform you about the maximum charging power of its battery, which will allow you to know, for example, if a 3.7 kW charging station is well suited for your car.

To choose the power of your charging station, the number of kilometers usually traveled is also one of the elements to take into account. So, if you don’t drive a lot with your electric car, the wallbox with a power of 3.7 kW is more than enough for your charging needs.

On the other hand, given its low power, you should know that the 3.7 kW charging station does not in principle require you to modify your electricity meter or the subscription to your electricity supplier, unless the power of your electricity meter, expressed in kilovolt-amperes (kVA), is really too low for you to be able to operate your electrical appliances such as radiators, dryers, etc., at the same time as you recharge of your electric car with your 3.7 kW wallbox.

The 3.7 kW wallbox, which is therefore of low intensity, is powered by alternating current on a single-phase electrical network. It can therefore be adapted to all types of private homes.

How much does a 3.7 kW charging station cost?

The 3.7 kW charging station is the least powerful of the wallboxes aimed at individuals. It is therefore one of the most efficient charging stations, but one of the cheapest.

The price of a wallbox nevertheless varies according to its own characteristics, that is to say whether it is sold, for example, with all the necessary accessories, such as wiring, for recharging an electric car. This charging station can also be “intelligent”, ie equipped with a device that allows it to be controlled remotely or programmed, which gives its owner the possibility of saving energy.

If the law makes the intervention of a qualified electricity “Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (IRVE)” mandatory for the installation of the most powerful charging stations (from 7 kW), which therefore increases the cost of their acquisition, you can, however, set up your 3.7 kW wallbox yourself. Nevertheless, calling on a professional is a guarantee of safety because the installation of a charging station at home requires compliance with strict rules in terms of electrical standards.

It is possible to find on the market charging stations with a power of 3.7 kW from 600 euros. But this price can go up to around 1,000 euros depending on their model.

As with all installations of a charging station at home, individuals have the possibility of benefiting from aid: a tax credit which represents 75% of the amount of expenditure devoted to the purchase and installation of this equipment within the limit of 300 euros per charging station. This financial assistance is not subject to any income condition. In addition, residents of an apartment building can combine this tax credit with the “Aide Solution Individuelle” bonus from the ADVENIR program of the Association for the development of electric mobility Avere-France. This is financial aid that covers up to 50% of the costs of purchasing and installing a charging station, up to a limit of 960 euros excluding tax per charging device.

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