5 Christmas DIY ideas to do yourself!

When the end of the year arrives, we take the time to spend special moments with our little family. Make Christmas crafts is an activity like so many others that will allow you to enjoy these precious moments. So you can create your own Christmas decoration.

Make your greeting cards in 3D

You need a few tools: drawing sheet, ruler, pen, scissors, chalk and pieces of red crepe paper. Start by taking the paper and make two rectangles: a first of 14 x 10 cm and a second of 15 x 11 cm.

Fold the small rectangle in half and draw a vertical in its center. On this line, make different points on the vertical axis, respecting the following spaces: 1 cm, 3 cm, 4.5 cm and 6 cm. Make a point down the left side parallel to the 6cm axis. It should measure 1 cm. Then from this point, connect with a red line to the 1 cm axis located on the line so as to form a half-triangle. Then make three parallels to the bottom edge in blue.

Make the curves of the tree. Fold in half then cut to 3mm above the bottom edge. Fold then glue both sides of the tree. Decorate the tree with chalk as you wish. Decorate both sides and do the same for the bottom of the card. Spray hairspray to set the colors. Take the piece of crepe and stick the second rectangle of 15 x 11 cm on it. Glue the 3D tree on the crepe paper.

Create paper snowflakes

For this DIY activity, you need a pencil, a plate, a sheet of paper and scissors. Make a circle and cut it out. Fold it in half, then in half, then in half again. Make an axis in the center, make two vertical lines on either side. Then, five horizontal strokes on both sides of the two strokes.

Inside these lines, make other oblique lines by intercalating that is to say, make the lines on the first line then leave the second as it is and go to the third line and leave the fourth as it is, etc Proceed to cut out the famous horizontal lines in which there are no oblique lines. Cut the first two edges. Unfold and you will get your snowflakes.

Make homemade Christmas balls

You need cardboard, scissors, a cutter, green paint, glitter, a transparent plastic ball to open and fake snow. Paint the cardboard green on both sides. Draw two small fir trees on the cardboard and cut out. Make a notch on each of them with a cutter then fit the two together to obtain a tree in relief. Add fake snow in the ball with the glitter, install your tree and close the ball. To dress the ball, add a red bow which will also allow it to be hung.

Flower wreaths to hang on your door

You need dried hydrangea, wild whitevine clematis, rosebush fruit, ivy flowers and fruits, and fir which are the base of the wreath. To make the structure, you need five 50 cm fir branches. Overlap the branches between them and tie them with a flexible and resistant wire to obtain the crown. Insert wild clematis all over the wreath. They will give volume. Then add hydrangeas and other flowers as desired.

Build your DIY Christmas tree

Make a large Christmas tree out of foamboard. Then cut out the tree with a cutter, removing the inside as well. Use a nail file to get nice round edges. Spray the tree with fabric glue and place the tree on the red felt. Cut out the felt. Both sides of the tree must be covered. Take a small plastic flowerpot and trace its circle on a green felt. Cut out the circle.

Take the tree and draw a line in the middle of your green felt along the foot. Fold the circle in half and with your scissors, cut along the line. Lay the floral foam in the flower pot and remove half a centimeter in the middle of this foam with a cutter. Place the circle of green felt and insert the tree. Tuck the edges of the felt into the port. Decorate your tree by wrapping different colored Christmas ribbons.

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