5 ideas for crafts and manual activities to do with children

To spend Sundays with the family in joy and good humor rather than everyone in front of their screen, why not organize craft workshops ? Big or small, everyone should get involved. Here are some simple but original ideas to get your new family business off to a good start.

How to make a pencil holder?

To make this object, you need a sheet of metal to push back, stained glass paint with water, a tin can, universal glue, scissors and a tool to push back the metal. Cut a strip of metal the same length as the tin can. You need to be able to wrap the paper around the box. Take a blunt instrument and then make drawings on the cut paper. Use stained glass paint to give color to pictures. Glue the metal sheet around the box.

Make pretty paper flowers

Scissors, stiff cardboard, green straws and adhesive tape are the tools needed for this exercise. Cut a paper and make an accordion. Pinch the base of the accordion then secure it with tape that you wrap around the base. Then insert the green straw at the base of the accordion. Then, to make the leaves, take green paper and draw the leaves on it. Make the cutout, fold the leaves in half and glue them to the straw that serves as the stem. The flower is finished. You can choose different colors of card stock to get multi-colored bouquets which will nicely decorate your table next time you receive.

A homemade week planner

To teach the days of the week to your children, this week planner will help you enormously. Start first by making the frame. Take a piece of cardboard and write the days of the week on it. Feel free to use letters cut from magazines or use markers. Then stick the papers containing the days of the week on a larger piece of cardboard that will serve as a frame.

Make holes on both sides of the frame and pass a string through which you will tie the ends. This will allow you to hang your weekly planner. To make a pointer, cut out the shape of a felt mouse. Glue a clothespin smaller than the body of the mouse to the back. Decorate by adding the muzzle, legs, tail, ears and eyes. Fix the pointer on the week planner to guide your children with each passing day.

Decorate glasses

This technique is still appreciated for its simplicity. All you need is a brush, glass paint, masking tape and of course a glass. Start by making a spiral on the glass using the adhesive tape. There must be free space between the rows. Then paint these free spaces with glass paint. Wait a day for the paint to dry completely. Then put the glass in the oven at 150° thermostat 5 for about thirty minutes. Leave to cool to avoid any risk of burns.

sugar drawings

For this last DIY workshop, you need newspapers, colored cardboard, sugar, universal glue and finally pencils. The idea is simple. Just make a nice drawing on the paper. The cardboard should then be placed under a newspaper. Take the universal glue and coat the contours of the drawing you have previously made. Before the glue dries, quickly sprinkle the drawing with sugar. Remove excess sugar. The sugar drawing is ready.

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