5 ideas to decorate a small room

Properly furnishing a small bedroom makes it appear larger and more airy, which brings real comfort to its occupant. Here are some ideas and tips for a beautiful small bedroom layout.

The choice of wall color

The color of the wall has a visual effect on the size of the room. With the right tonality, one can make a room appear bigger and taller. For this, colors with neutral tones are the most effective, they have the effect of enlarging the size of the room. The white color is the most popular as it gives a crisp, clean look and also produces more clarity which brings an airy feel to the room.


Practical and decorative at the same time, storage is important for furnishing a small bedroom. They avoid the clutter that gives a feeling of clutter in a room. The storage will be chosen carefully to match the size of the room, high shelves will make it possible to exploit the wall in addition to giving it height. Storage in nooks, under attics or under stairs make the most of the room. A bed can contain storage under the mattress, or even drawers on the side. Arranged in a corner of the room, pretty round or rectangular storage boxes placed on top of each other will produce a beautiful decorative effect, in addition to being practical.

The mezzanine

Carefully chosen, a loft bed can only be a plus in a small bedroom. The bed is high, which saves space below. This corner can serve as an office for young children and why not a lounge area for teenagers. By installing a small convertible sofa and a small table, they will make a cozy corner to meet up with their friends. You can also make it a library corner by putting a few low shelves along the wall and a big cushion on which you can lie down for reading.

The choice of furniture

It is important to install furniture that suits the size of the room. Large pieces of furniture really take up space, in addition to giving the impression of being cramped in the room. The best way to choose the right pieces of furniture for a small bedroom is to get them the right size and arrange them properly. Modular furniture also adapts very well to small spaces, a trundle bed is suitable for example for children to receive their friends. A stool, in addition to its usefulness for sitting, can also be chosen to be foldable so that it can be stored without clutter when not in use. A sofa bed, when folded up during the day, allows you to regain volume in the room.

The light

A light room appears larger than it actually is. In addition to the windows which are a source of natural light, pretty lamps can be installed in the room to enhance the brightness. A ceiling lamp that distributes the light well is better than a halogen lamp that gives a stacked effect.

With these few design and decoration ideas, a small room can really become comfortable. The most important thing is to choose your furniture according to the room so that the whole thing fits in harmoniously.

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