5 ideas to give your old fireplace a makeover

Are you lucky enough to have a fireplace? Make sparks in your interior decoration by giving it a little facelift. Here are some ideas to boost your inspiration.

Install facing bricks

A simple, but clever idea: use facing bricks. This solution is for those who want to preserve the traditional and rustic look of their fireplace, while giving it a new look.

Depending on the material chosen, the facing tiles give the fireplace an incomparable look: design for the slate, classic for the white stone or even an industrial style for the bricks. In addition to bringing an incomparable aesthetic touch to your fireplace, this material provides effective protection of the walls against very high temperatures. This avoids possible cracks caused by heat in the paint.

A few coats of paint for tight budgets

Do you want to give your fireplace a new look, but you have a limited budget and very little time to start major work? The solution is found: simply apply new paint. Toned color to energize your bedroom or living room, lighter tone to add more brightness to your room: whatever your choice, this alternative is inexpensive and above all economical. Before applying the paint, first clean the entire surface. Then paint an undercoat before the paint itself in order to facilitate the absorption of the latter and offer a more homogeneous and aesthetic result.

5 ideas to revamp your old fireplace

A magnificent formwork to give style to your interior

Your fireplace will have a beautiful contemporary touch thanks to the installation of a formwork. This solution is interesting for hiding a rustic-type fireplace that was popular at the time, but which has now fallen into disuse. Usually made of brick, these fireplaces from the 70s or 80s were massive with their large wooden beams. By installing a formwork, you not only modernize your structure, but you also have the possibility of personalizing it by adding storage compartments and numerous niches, for example. Enjoy winter evenings in a cocooning atmosphere in front of your new contemporary fireplace.

Simply decorate the coat

No need for major work either to give a second life to your fireplace. Just let your imagination run wild. The coat can become the ideal place to display your most beautiful decorative objects. Turn it into a real art gallery. Cabinet of curiosities, accumulation of objects or mismatched style… the choice is yours. Candles, vases, trinkets, the possibilities are almost endless.

Play the diversion card

If your fireplace is out of order, all is not lost. You can use it to stage a lovely decoration by giving it a new function. Nothing could be simpler: add a box in the hearth and shelves outside to make storage niches, a cabinet of curiosities or even a library. A diversion that will resolutely give style to your interior.

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