5 natural tips for descaling a kettle or coffee maker

Due to hard water, a kettle or coffee maker easily scales up, which has the effect of reducing the heating capacity of the appliance. To prevent your machine from giving up the ghost, regular cleaning is essential. Here are some natural solutions to say goodbye to tartar

White vinegar, a natural solution

Having the effect of dissolving limescale and tartar, white vinegar is an excellent natural alternative for cleaning, as it is non-toxic and free of allergens, not to mention the fact that it is 100% biodegradable. Make good use of it when descaling your appliances. Mix half vinegar with half water. Boil then empty the appliance. You will no longer see deposits on your devices. Remember to rinse as many times as needed to remove the vinegar taste and smell.

Lemon, a classic that is still just as effective

There is no denying it, lemon is a real miracle remedy for cleaning your home without having to resort to chemicals. It will eliminate the scale that has become embedded in the heating system of your appliances. To do this, mix a lemon juice in half a liter of water. Then, pour this mixture into your kettle and turn it on. Then remove all the water and rinse the appliance thoroughly several times. Perform the same operation on your coffee maker while always rinsing well to prevent your coffee from having a lemony taste

Baking soda, universal remedy

A health solution par excellence, baking soda also finds its application in cleaning your scaled appliances. This product will lower the calcium content in the water and clean the limescale layer that has formed on the surfaces. And compared to lemon or white vinegar, it has the advantage of not leaving an unpleasant taste in your drinks. To use it well, mix two teaspoons of powder in a liter of water. Pour everything into your kettle or coffee maker and turn it on. Discard the water and start again until the limestone disappears definitively.

citric acid

Alongside classic solutions such as lemon, white vinegar or baking soda, there are less common, but also natural tips that help you get rid of limescale. Among them is citric acid obtained through the fermentation of sugary solutions and which is completely natural and organic. This vegetable acid is appreciated as a food additive, but also helps to get rid of tartar. In your device, pour a liter of water mixed with two tablespoons of this acid. Wait a few hours for the product to take effect. Rinse afterwards.

And soda

Soda contains substances that contribute to the elimination of limescale. Just pour a good amount into your coffee maker or kettle and let the product act for a few hours. Like the other tips, rinse your device thoroughly afterwards.

In the event that all of these techniques do not lead to the desired results, use a limescale magnet to place around the water inlet pipe. It will take care of retaining all the unwanted particles.

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