5 tips to optimize the storage of a room

When you have a room that is not always spacious and where you no longer have any place to store, the mess quickly accumulates and you don’t need more to stop enjoying yourself at home. However, there are very clever solutions to optimize the storage of a bedroom or a small sleeping area, while providing the room with the decorative touch that changes everything. Here are 5 tips that can transform the bedroom into a sleek, perfectly organized and very functional place.

1 – The headboard with shelves for a tidy bedroom

Even if it means installing a headboard, which has been very popular for some time, you might as well opt for a functional model that ultimately does not take up more space. The one with integrated storage is essential in a small bedroom where you want to optimize the space. The ideal is to choose a multifunctional headboard with a few niches to place decorative objects or used as bedside tables but also with drawers and/or shelves concealed by doors for a cleaner result because it means that what is stored there is not visible. Another version is to treat yourself to a bridge bed (same concept). In this way, a refined decorative effect and a perfectly ordered room are obtained.

2 – The combined bed, mezzanine or trundle for an optimized bedroom space

The bed is a piece of furniture that takes up a lot of space, so much so that in a small bedroom there is not enough free space left to add storage furniture… unless you opt for a bed. combined bed. Smart, it allows you to store everything out of sight while ensuring real sleeping comfort. The footboard is a set of generously sized drawers and the entire underside of the bed base is also intended for storage for total optimization of the square meters. A very good trick to consider in a studio for example.

In the same vein, you can install in a child’s room a lit mezzanine as long as the ceiling height allows it. The sleeping area in height is accessible thanks to a ladder and the bottom can accommodate, depending on the model, a desk, a sofa bed for a second bed, or even a bunk bed to have three very practical beds this time or even a small dressing room where you can store all your little one’s belongings. the vertical storage is in any case an excellent tip for free up floor space. As a result, the bedroom appears visually larger and is very functional.

As to truckle bed, it is a 2-in-1 model that is very valuable when two people share the same room but it is very small. It consists of a drawer which slides under the bed base and which is in fact a second bed. Judicious, once folded up, it takes up no more space than a single bed.

3 – The storage wall for XXL optimization

No matter how much bedroom furniture you have, you will never get as much space as with a bespoke storage partition which is equipped with clever compartments from floor to ceiling and along the entire length of the room. As a result, niches, drawers, clothes shelves, wardrobe and even bookcase are fully integrated into the partition and hidden either by a decorative curtain or by sliding doors that are less bulky than conventional closet doors. With such a layout, no more square centimeters are lost. We considerably reduce the number of pieces of furniture to limit ourselves to the essentials. Everything is impeccably tidy, nothing protrudes and the room suddenly becomes very welcoming.

4 – The sliding panel to create a dressing room in the bedroom

Creating a dressing room in a bedroom is the dream of many people who want to take advantage of every square meter and be able to store clothes and other personal effects without overloading their decor with storage furniture. With a walk-in closet, there’s no need for a chest of drawers, chest of drawers or wardrobe. Thus, the sleeping area seems even more spacious and everything is impeccably tidy.

If you are lucky enough to have a large bedroom, the good idea is to separate it into two spaces in order to create a closet. The sliding panel is a movable partition that can be used as a dressing room door. It adapts to all configurations and brings a neat touch to the bedroom. It is an element that has become essential in terms of interior design. Able to transform a room in a few hours, it is easy to install.

5 – The retractable wardrobe bed to save square meters

It is the perfect set for a bedroom whose area hardly reaches 10 m² or which is so narrow that it becomes very complicated to furnish. It is also the essential solution for a study any rikiki or when one wishes to arrange in a small corner a punctual sleeping area intended for parents or friends passing through.

The retractable wardrobe-bed consists of a bed of course and a fully integrated storage space, all mounted on cylinders to simply come and position yourself vertically, along the wall, when you are not sleeping there. Thus, when the device is lowered, it is a bed, and when it is raised, it is a wardrobe! Some models are even additionally equipped with a single sofa, or even a corner sofa with storage under the seats. It’s super classy, ​​ultra practical, and when it comes to optimizing storage in the bedroom, you couldn’t do better!

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