50 kW recharging station : when should I choose this wallbox ? How much does it cost?

Most owners of an electric vehicle choose to equip themselves with a charging station, also called a wallbox, to take advantage of the comfort conferred by the possibility of having this equipment at home, but also because this charging system brings maximum security guarantees.

It is possible to choose between different types of wallboxes which differ according to their power and therefore according to their ability to recharge an electric car in more or less time. Thus, individuals have the possibility of acquiring a wallbox with a power of between 7 and 22 kW. The 50 kW wallbox, which can charge an electric vehicle in less than an hour, is more intended for charging areas for professionals or those available in the public domain because its specific characteristics require a special installation, capable of bear its high load power.

The main features of the wallbox 50 kW charging station

Owners of an electric vehicle that, as its name suggests, needs electricity to operate, must provide a way to recharge their car battery with this type of energy. While it is possible to recharge an electric car at terminals made available in the public domain or at service stations, for example, a majority of users of this type of vehicle choose to equip their home with a recharge, also called wallbox.

This equipment makes it possible to recharge your vehicle quietly, with maximum comfort for the user, most often at night to be able to use your car the next day with maximum autonomy and thus drive for kilometers in complete freedom. There are different wallboxes which differ according to their power, from 7 to 50 kW. But all of them offer high-performance recharging capacity and maximum safety.

The power of the wallboxes mainly determines the time needed to be able to recharge your electric vehicle. The higher it is, the faster the car recharges. Allow 8 hours on average for a 7 kW wallbox and between 3 and 4 hours for a 22 kW wallbox.

The 50 kW wallbox is the most efficient charging station. We are talking about a high-speed charging system or “super charger”, which works with direct current and which can recharge an electric vehicle in less than an hour. It can be installed indoors or outdoors given its robustness, but requires the use of not a standard electrical outlet but a socket called “ChaDeMo”.

The 50 kw wallbox: for whom and for what uses?

Although the 50 kW wallbox is the most powerful charging station and therefore the most efficient in terms of charging time, it is not intended for individuals who wish to install such equipment in their home.

Indeed, the 50 kW wallbox requires a specific domestic electrical installation, capable of supporting its power, an installation that individuals do not generally have. The installation of a 50 kW wallbox also obliges you to modify your contract with your electricity supplier. On the other hand, unlike other less powerful wallboxes which work with a connection cable most often sold with the electric vehicle, the 50 kW wallbox makes it necessary to use a much thicker cable which is difficult to install in a private home. .

For all these reasons, the 50 kW wallbox is more intended for electric vehicle charging areas for professionals, charging stations installed in public areas, in car parks, for example, or made available for collective use. This type of wallbox, and even others with a power of up to 150 kW, is also offered by manufacturers of electric vehicles, such as, for example, the Tesla brand, at the forefront and always in innovation. in this type of car, and which offers high-end cars.

The 50 kW wallbox can be used to charge almost all types of electric vehicles. But, given its high power and the speed of its charging time, manufacturers of electric vehicles nevertheless advise against, in order to extend the life of the batteries of these cars, not to use this type of charging equipment regularly. charge.

The cost of a 50 kW wallbox

Wallboxes with a power of 7, 11 and 22 kW, which are aimed at individuals wishing to install a charging station at their home or on their private parking space if they live in a condominium, cost between 700 and 1,500 euros. A purchase price to which it is necessary to add the cost of their installation by an approved professional.

The purchase price of a 50 kW wallbox, which, as we have seen, is intended for infrastructures dedicated to the charging of professional electric vehicles or made available to the general public in the public domain, of course exceeds these amounts since its power is remarkable and its installation requires very special conditions.

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