6 practical solutions for storing pot lids

Casually, between storing groceries and preparing meals, things always go crescendo in a kitchen. A meal follows another meal. After a breakfast inevitably comes a lunch and then a dinner. To make impromptu visits from friends and family always a pleasure or just to make you feel comfortable in your own home, keep your kitchen tidy at all times. How nice it is with friends or in magazines, to see tidy places – and how difficult it is at home!

Take the example of pot lids and pans. Is there really an effective way to organize them? You never know where to put them since you have them in all sizes? So what to do? There are unexpected solutions. Get inspired: here are 6 practical solutions that will help you have a tidy kitchen, starting with your pot lids!

1 – Very low drawers

Modern kitchens are often already equipped with flat drawers. It is very practical when these very flat drawers which can perfectly accommodate your lids are located above or below (in any case near) the shelves or drawers of pots and pans. The downside to this type of storage is that your lids are stored flat, horizontal, and there may be some residual moisture that settles after washing. To solve this problem, you can install a grid or a plastic surface in the bottom of the drawer, and put your pan lids on it.

2 – Compartments for vertical storage

Since you store your pans vertically, stacking them on top of each other, prefer horizontal storage for their lids. This will give you better visibility of their sizes. This type of storage, often offered via a metal or plastic grid, also allows you to store cutting boards. The ideal is that each element, as far as we are concerned each cover, is arranged separately. Which means you quickly spot the lid you’re looking for without knocking the whole pile over and creating an incredible racket of falling metal objects. If you opt for a system of wooden compartments, you are sure to have almost no noise, which is not necessarily negligible when you live in a small apartment with many neighbors around.

You can also opt for this same idea in an open storage version. That is to say that you resume the principle of the vertical grid. And what could be simpler than a dish rack? It’s the economical solution, which allows you to have your pot and pan lids at hand, and possibly under your eyes – it all depends on whether you choose to install your drainer at the bottom of a drawer or on a counter. of work. It also works with a magazine rack, the principle remains the same.

3 – An organizer in a deep drawer

You can create an organizer in any deep drawer using one or two small lengthwise boards. Just lay wooden planks parallel to the walls of the drawer and hop the space is already ready for vertical storage. The advantage of the method is its simplicity. You can make it yourself and install and glue the dividing board – the one that creates the two compartments: that of the pans and that of their lids.

4 – One or more metal suspensions

Install or have installed one or more plastic or metal bars a few centimeters from a support, either directly on the wall of your kitchen or on the back door of one of your cupboards. You can choose one or more stainless steel tubes, especially for large diameter lids. Of course, care must be taken to ensure that the handle is securely attached to your pan lids. To hang your bar, you can use special metal brackets – ask at a hardware store or two blocks of wood. If the layout of the kitchen allows it, attach a long metal rod to the wall or along the credenza, where you can align everything. Of course with this type of storage, the lids are always in view, so everything has to be relatively harmonious or at least impeccably clean.

5 – Adhesive hooks

Once again, put the back of your closet doors to good use. All you need is some adhesive hooks. Take two per lid. Then experiment. Determine the correct positioning of each of your lids then glue your hooks. If you consider your cover as a clock, you can fix hooks at 8 o’clock and 4 o’clock, or rather on the lower part of your cover. Make sure beforehand that you are sure you can close your cupboard properly once the lids are put away. Once the set is complete, slide off your lids and close your closet door.

6 – A magnetic knife bar

Who said magnetic knife holders were just for knives? After all, if your lids fit on it, you can put them on that bar just fine.

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