7 ideas for decorating your Christmas table – Do it yourself

It’s up to you to organize Christmas Eve this year. And who says New Year’s Eve, says dinner for a sometimes quite large number of guests. Ah yes, just that! But since when do you have so many friends and such a big family? Whether you sit at the table in a small or large committee, stay zen. Here are some decoration ideas for your Christmas table. Do-it-yourself decoration ideas that will put stars in the eyes of your guests, who have not finished shining. At least as much as the twinkling garlands on the tree. Don’t have scissors or glue? Don’t go, it’s still possible. Even without this material, you will still be able to make attractive decorations that will seduce your entourage present on D-Day around the festive table.

Because once winter has arrived, it’s time to switch to “Christmas parties” mode. You are no doubt absorbed by the purchase or the realization of gifts, by the decoration of the tree but have not necessarily thought of the table decoration. Yet this is what gives a taste of the party. Not only does it impress your guests but it gives them the measure of all your creativity. So to your garlands, candles, table runners and more! Here are 7 decoration ideas for your Christmas table to create yourself.

1 – Bouquets in personalized vases

Create a pretty Christmas bouquet with anemones, dahlias and carnations. Place it in a vase of your composition. This can be a simple vintage coffee can, in Christmas colors, including a pretty red or dark green. Otherwise reserve for this floral centerpiece a container of choice, a box or a jar that you will have repainted with a silver color paint. It doesn’t take much to turn old glass containers into beautiful, sophisticated vases: just spray paint the color of the mirrors. You can also opt for a piece of glass that you leave transparent, that you fill with artificial snow before placing a beautiful, simple tree branch on it that you will have previously painted white and varnished. What put a minimalist decoration on your Christmas Eve table.

2 – Vegetal and natural decoration

Go to your garden, and bring back something to decorate your interior. A pleasantly composed moss bed will make an excellent Christmas centerpiece. You can also bring back a slice of wood that you have taken care to cut out of a large log and which will serve as a support for your decoration. Place a number of Christmas decorations on it, such as snow-covered reindeer, self-made Christmas trees, or candles placed on miniature wreaths.

Otherwise, a pretty well-appointed crate with a small integrated winter garden will be lovely to dress up your table. Often, not much is enough. Fresh white winter flowers potted in a low planter, tiny houseplants delicately placed in pots on moss… Just enough to add magic to the big day!

3 – A traditional or revisited mini-tree

Arrange on your table the very emblem of Christmas in a miniature version, that is to say a tree, a traditional mini-tree with balls and garlands. Of course, you can “twist” the classic Christmas tree with candy or button garlands. Rather than a real plant tree, opt for a tree made of star shortbread: all you have to do is stack them from largest to smallest. Obviously, it’s easier with boxes. All you have to do is collect vintage round tins and sort them by size. You can also create a Christmas tree without greenery by stacking upturned pie pans, from largest to smallest. This has the merit of being original.

4 – Large filled baskets

A very simple idea to make, you can even implement it with your young children, is to collect various Christmas decorations, in particular colored metal balls in a large glass basket. Both colorful and festive. You can also replace the balls and decorations in the large glass bowl with mini gifts galore. It makes a pretty centerpiece on a table.
By the way, this also works without a recycle bin. After all, not all presents need to be under the tree. Place the presents with the prettiest (and best-made) wrapping paper in the middle of the table. You will generate enthusiasm among your guests.

5 – Snow globes galore

Ah, those famous objects that are snow globes. They often make you smile… But placing an entire collection as a path or centerpiece is sure to add a nostalgic touch to your festivities. Long live vintage kitsch!

6 – Original place cards

Do you want a great idea to mark everyone’s places? For a perfect table plan, opt for pine cones that you have taken care to cover with touches of flashy pink paint that will elegantly hold tiny boxes with the name of each of your guests. The materials needed to make these place cards in a few minutes are a pinecone, a brush and acrylic paint. Of course, there are many variations, including one where you use painted pebbles as place cards.

7 – Variations around candles

You can choose a simple and unique large scented candle that is sure to charm your guests into the holiday magic with its bright glow and pleasant fragrance. Form a flat area of ​​leaves and branches then place your candle in the center. You can accompany it with pine cones to magnify the decor.

If you want to bluff your guests with really very little: turn your wine glasses upside down, and make candle holders out of them. In the glass, imprison holly and on the foot, now being in the air, place a candle. In this specific case, you do not need to spend a lot of time and money on the realization of this beautiful idea.

In the same vein, create an alternation of pots by putting candles in one and vegetable garnishes in the other. Classico-rustic, it is a decoration that enhances the general charm of your Christmas table.

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