7 roses with fragrant flowers to plant in the garden

The Rose is quite easy to grow. So we can have fun planting various varieties, and those whose flowers are fragrant are not lacking. They are installed near the windows, the terrace, along the path where we pass every day. And why not let some of them climb along the pergola under which the garden furniture is installed? Thus, no one can miss the sweetness of their bewitching perfume. To enjoy the garden of their divine scentseveryone can choose from these seven extraordinary roses, with deliciously fragrant flowers.

1 – Climbing rose Pierre de Ronsard

This rose is THE quintessential star at the planetary level. The divinely shaped flowers are compact. This variety of old rose, timeless, brings a crazy charm to the garden. The rosebush reaches 3 m in height, and its soft pink flowers give off the scent of green moss. They bloom from June to October. A distance of 1.40 m should be maintained between two Pierre de Ronsard rose bushes. This variety is perfect for flowering a gazebo or hiding a fence.

2 – Rosier ‘Semi-full’

It is appreciated as much for the simple beauty of its semi-double white roses, grouped in bouquets, as for its flamboyant rose hips that can be admired in autumn. The flowers of this rosebush dating from antiquity have a powerful fragrance. Note the golden stamens which beautifully highlight the heart of these emblematic roses from the House of York and make them even more luminous when, from late spring, they bloom in partial shade.

3 – Rosier Gallica officinalis

It rises among the most fragrant roses. It is a great seducer with its old roses of purple color with large petals named Provins roses. Ce gallic rose forms a small single-flowering shrub, but it stands out for the abundance of its roses, the beauty and fragrance of which are exceptional.

4 – Rosier ‘Château du Rivau’

Created in 2003, this rosier liane modern is much sought after for its abundant white roses with golden-colored stamens and the scent of green apple, gathered in bouquets. They bloom from June until October, then give way to pretty bunches of rose hips. This Rose which can reach 6 to 8 meters in height is a large rusticsince it supports temperatures of the order of -20°C.

5 – Damascus roses

This is a group of hybrid roses very famous whose roses are among the favorites of perfumers. It is since Antiquity that men and women let themselves be enchanted by their sublime perfume. These roses are therefore very old and are still among the favorites. An essence of roses is made from their petals, but their flowers are also used in cooking because they make it possible to prepare delicious infusions, syrups, and to flavor various pastries. Ispahan and different roses Damask Rose form this group. With a maximum height of 2 m, they produce roses with a heady scent, white, red, or declined in many shades of pink, single or double.

6 – Rose ‘Roseraie de l’Haye’

Created in 1901, it is the Rosier absolutely must be planted in the garden, even if you are a novice gardener. Very easy to live with, this rosebush, which is resistant to parasites and diseases, produces roses that seem sculpted in velvet, and whose scent evokes cloves and honey. It’s a antique perfume rosewhose intensity of its purple color leaves no one indifferent.

7 – Rosier ‘The Pilgrim’

here is a english rose long flowering since you can still admire its roses at Christmas. They give off a highly developed fruity fragrance, as delicious as one could wish, with notes of myrrh, musk, anise and lemon. It is of great originality on the olfactory level. The roses ‘The Pilgrim’ are soft yellow and have an absolutely perfect shape.

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