7 tips for ripening late-season green tomatoes

Autumn is imminent, the weather is getting worse, the sun is looking gloomy and the tomato season is gradually coming to an end. Alas, there are still many green fruit on tomato stalks. So don’t panic, it is possible to hasten their ripening so that these fruits can still be eaten. This avoids losing them to death when it’s time to pull up the tomato stalks. Let’s take a look at the secrets of gardeners for ripening late-season green tomatoes.

What about the toxicity of green tomatoes?

Apart from the varieties which remain green when they are perfectly ripe, the others are unpleasant in the mouth and hard, uninteresting to taste. Immature, they are also more concentrated in alkaloids (solanine, tomatine, etc.) and can therefore interfere with the most sensitive digestive systems. The few people who cannot eat even ripe tomatoes should of course be vigilant. Anyway, contrary to what we can read on the web, their toxins are not fatal unless you eat tons of tomatoes. We can therefore be reassured.

Green tomato: nothing is lost!

The tomato is a climacteric fruit. This means that it continues to ripen after picking. This phenomenon is possible because while breathing, it releases a vegetable hormone at the origin of the maturation: theethylene. It is also the same for bananas, peaches, figs, plums and even apples, for example. On the other hand, it is quite different for non-climacteric fruits which only ripen on the tree or shrub, such as grapefruit, orange, strawberry, pineapple, blueberry, or even grapes. on his stock, etc. Once picked they no longer ripen but spoil very quickly.

The tomato that is still green in the garden at the end of the season is therefore not wasted because it can mature with a few tips and tricks.

Bananas in the basket of green tomatoes

It’s a foolproof trick, because the banana is among the climacteric fruits that produce the most ethylene. She is able to booster la maturation avocado then why not that of the tomato? After harvesting the green tomatoes, just place them in the fruit basket or in a basket together with some bananas and wait between 6 and 12 days. They will end up blushing at will.

Apples to ripen tomatoes picked green

Like the banana, the apple is a climacteric fruit that produces a large amount of ethylene. Green tomatoes should be stored in a crate with a few apples. This will allow them to continue to mature.

Green tomatoes in newspaper

This trick allows you to do not lose end of season tomatoes which have not had time to mature on the stalk. After picking them, just wrap them one by one in a sheet of newspaper then place them in a crate that is kept in a room of the house which must imperatively be very dry and warm enough. The ripening process will thus accelerate, which should allow after a few days to consume very ripe tomatoes. Note that this works just as well with kraft paper bags that we get back after shopping.

Offer heat to green tomatoes

Contrary to popular belief, tomatoes ripen when they are hot and not necessarily when they are in full light. A well heated room even dark so is the condition sine qua non pour ripen green tomatoes end of season.

One trick is to leave the green tomatoes on their stalks and tear the whole thing off. All you have to do is hang them in a well-heated room, whether it’s dimly lit or very bright, it doesn’t matter. The veranda quite suitable if the ambient temperature is high enough. Also, at this time of the year, in some regions it is absolutely necessary that the heating system be started unless the glazing is exposed due south and there are still enough hours of sunshine.

Under these conditions, the ripening tomatoes will be done over the days and when they are perfectly ripe, all you have to do is harvest them to savor them, raw or cooked. The dried feet can then be composted if they are healthy.

Remove the leaves from the tomato stems

This is another very useful gardening tip to avoid losing green tomatoes at the end of the season. The tomato stalks are rid of their leaves (and any very late flowers) so that the fruits benefit from all the sap and make the most of the last rays of sunshine of the season. If it’s still warm enough, they can all mature before the stalks are uprooted.

Lay a mineral mulch at the base of the tomatoes

A mineral mulch is perfect for restoring the heat stored during the day throughout the night. This benefits the late season green tomatoes which can therefore continue to ripen. In the event of chilly nights, we double the chances by installing a forcing veil at the foot of the plants which should be removed in the early morning when the sun’s rays begin to heat the fruits.

Water the tomato plants drop by drop

Irrigation device allowing not to waste water, the drip can be installed in the vegetable garden so that the tomato plants do not lack water at the end of the season but are not drowned for all that. Let’s not forget that to ripen properly, the tomato is a fruit which needs heat of course, but which must not run out of water. We therefore water by foot so as not to wet the foliage if the rains are rare at the end of the season and there are still green tomatoes left in the garden.

If you choose to ripen your tomatoes in a basket near other climacteric fruits, it is advisable monitor them regularly in order to identify the slightest sign of rotting or possible mould. If so, they should be removed so that other ripening tomatoes are not contaminated.

Finally, to taste tomatoes that have not had time to ripen in the garden without resorting to these few tricks, simply cook them. You can prepare a chutney or even green tomato jam, or even make soup. It’s delicious and easy to prepare.

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