8 fast-growing evergreen shrubs for the garden

Fast growing evergreen shrubs are a favorite of small to large yard owners as they reach full size in 3 to 4 years. They make it possible to arrange shady corners in a short time. Integrated into the hedge, they offer the possibility of being well hidden from the neighborhood in all seasons. Retaining their foliage in winter, they are also natural windbreaks, which is very appreciable when a biting wind blows for example. To quickly get shade in the garden, or to protect yourself in just a few seasons from prying eyes and strong winds, you might as well choose evergreen shrubs that grow quickly. Here is a selection of 8 interesting and very aesthetic species.

1 – The Forsythia

It is a semi-evergreen shrub, which means that if the autumn and winter temperatures are mild, it retains a large part of its leaves which fall in the spring when the new foliage is already pointing the tip of its nose. Its attraction is due to its early flowering. Indeed, Forsythia flowers from end of February until the last days of April. But it is also sought after for its rapid growth, which therefore makes it possible to quickly vegetate a garden.

2 – The Photinia

It is one of the fairly fast-growing evergreen shrubs that are popular because it thrives very well in the countryside as well as in an urban garden. It is used isolated or in a hedge. It is distinguished by the shiny red of its new shoots which bring a very shimmering touch to the outdoor space and therefore, over the seasons, its foliage changes color. Additionally, the Photinia blooms profusely in the spring, and the effect is truly spectacular.

3 – Cherry laurel

It is also called the laurel palm. It mainly likes mild climates and humid regions, but can be grown in a cold climate since its good hardiness allows it to withstand temperatures of around -15°C. We mainly use the Cherry laurel hedge since it quickly forms a very protective vegetable screen. It is appreciated because it is persistent, its foliage is a beautiful shiny green, but also because it is satisfied with little care once it is well rooted. Be careful, its leaves and the core of its fruit are toxic. This tree should therefore not be confused with the true laurel also called Laurier-sauce.

4 – St. John’s Wort

There are several varieties of St. John’s Wort. Hypericus andosaemus is persistent, and can grow in isolation or in low hedge. Its growth is rapid, it produces a profusion of yellow flowers and is so undemanding that it grows anywhere without much care.

5 – L’Anisodontea

It is a shrubby plant called the Cape Mallow. The Anisodontea grows very quickly. Its height in adulthood is however moderate, around 1.80 m. It’s a real phenomenon, with a very long flowering time please where it is installed. Some specimens bloom throughout the year. The flowers are mauve pink. Well sheltered from the prevailing winds, it is able to brave (moderate) frost and snow. But beware of too wet winters!

6 – Le Rhododendron

It’s a beautiful heather earth shrub which is covered with large beautiful flowers from April to the end of June available in a rich palette of colours, and in autumn, its evergreen foliage takes on fiery colors depending on the variety. It is therefore a decorative shrub which deserves a place of choice in the garden, even if it is in the shade. It has the reputation of growing quickly, but for that it is better to plant it in the ground rather than in a pot.

7 – Bamboo

Bamboo brings a note of exoticism in the garden even in winter with its evergreen foliage. Preferably, we choose non-tracer species so as not to be invaded in a very short time. To take advantage of their beautiful foliage all year round, you can, for example, plant They crossed the Fargesia rufa perfect for a small garden. It is also grown in pots, which makes it an ideal plant on the terrace. As for Bamboo Metake, it is very easy to maintain, also grows quickly and is minimally invasive.

8 – Arbutus

Perfect for creating a plant decoration in the gardenthe Arbutus that we call strawberry tree is a shrub of great beauty with its decorative evergreen foliage, its White flowers in bells which bloom in August-September and its pinkish-beige trunk. Moreover, in autumn it produces a multitude of round berries of red color, groceries, which earned him his nickname. The fruit of Arbutus is called arbutus. This beautiful shrub is planted in the ground in seaside regions and in pots in a harsh winter climate. It grows about 60 cm per year.

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