9 ideas of paint color for your toilet

In a house or an apartment, it happens that the toilets are sometimes a little neglected in terms of decoration. Often quite narrow, this room is not always highlighted, and that’s a shame! To give a new look to your toilet, it is not necessary to renovate the whole room, it is enough to repaint it. Want to give a boost to this unique little room that is your toilet? How about a subtle shade rather than the eternal white? Or a bright color to give light to the place? What colors would work best? Be bold because the days of toilets being all stark white are over. Today there are a variety of beautiful colors, whether classic or trendy colors. Take a look at the 9 colors offered below. They are all different, each with their own personality.

1 – Gris

It’s still a classic, timeless color, but it’s not white. The light gray is very elegant. And paired with wooden accessories, it can give your restroom an all-Scandinavian feel. Gray is also suitable for industrial style decorations. You can play with the concrete in this small room that is sometimes full of constraints.

2 – Bleu

The blue color has a refreshing effect, a little seaside side that puts you in a good mood. In summer, it reminds you of the sun and the beach. Again, you can combine it with concrete, or simply with white or natural tones.

3 – Noir

Black and white toilets are timeless. Choosing classic colors like black, gray or white means ensuring elegance, because these tones are timeless. Next to white walls, a black wall impresses. However, you must ensure that your ceiling remains white in any case and that your walls are not painted too black. This could quickly seem oppressive, even gloomy. And that’s not the goal!

4 – Beige

It’s not for nothing that natural hues are the quintessential toilet darling. Because their subtle hues make them timeless. The beige color is linked to well-being. So a toilet with sand-colored walls and wooden accessories will make a place where you will feel good!

5 – Vert

The color green has a calming effect. Its connection with nature is appropriate in a room where one wants to savor its tranquility. Cream or beige blends harmoniously with green hues. For those who prefer a little more softness: light green like lime green is an original color, which remains refreshing and could well wake up your toilet. Wooden furniture and accessories will go perfectly with it.

6 – Violet

If you want to be bold, dare this color on a part of the wall or on a single wall of your toilet. It is a shade that is not easy to associate. However, it’s a color that will catch the eye, if that’s what you want. It’s a color to adopt if you want to be creative!

7 – Rose

If you want a toilet that exudes a particularly harmonious atmosphere, you can opt for subtle shades of pink in combination with white colors and natural elements, for example a washbasin, a shelf or a wooden mirror. A pastel pink can give a particularly light, almost playful touch to your toilet. This association, with a particularly feminine character, will be ideal for bathrooms with little daylight. Because it is well known, light surfaces give the impression of enlarging the room.

8 – Bordeaux

Burgundy represents another intense and almost luxurious color. A burgundy colored wall gives a bold look to your restroom and is very stylish. To complete the chic look, your furniture and sanitary ware should match. Classic, round or playful shapes in white or gray are ideal here. Gold or wooden accessories are also suitable.

9 – Jaune

The bright yellow will wake up your toilet. If you don’t want the full look, paint only parts of the room and add decorative accessories like a mirror or wall sticker.

In conclusion, before repainting your toilet, first ask yourself what type of decoration you like. Are minimalist toilets right for you or do you prefer Scandinavian or classic design? Then choose your colors. Decide on a color line for your toilet and use no more than three shades at a time. Small rooms like light walls. Always keep this in mind when choosing your colors and opt instead for light walls and reserve the more intense tones for your accessories or furniture. Darker colors can give a more soothing effect. Your toilet then becomes a protected space in which you withdraw. Light colors tend to open up and visually expand the space. Always paint the ceilings lighter than the rest of the room. White ceilings are ideal. Are you hesitating between two colors? Do you want to give volume to a room that is a bit long? A trick is to paint two-tone stripes on the walls of your toilet yourself. As you will have understood, the variety of paint colors is such that your taste will know practically no limits. Have fun !

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