9 yellow flowering shrubs for the garden

Shrubs with yellow flowers bring a bright note to the garden and cheer us up when the weather is gloomy. This is why they are so successful. To enjoy abundant yellow blooms that attract all eyes in any season, the good idea is to plant different species of shrubs with golden flowers from the following selection.

1 – The Forsythia

The genus Forsythia includes a little more than ten species of shrubs whose abundant flowering and early which occurs at the end of winter. Forsythia, from the family of Oleaceae, is covered with resplendent golden yellow flowers that herald spring, and which appear long before the foliage. Forsythia is a decorative shrub with an upright habit which lends itself particularly well to hedge cultivation but it can also be used as an isolated plant. It is suitable for small gardens because it does not exceed 3 m in height and 2 m in wingspan.

2 – St. John’s Wort

A St. John’s Wort belongs to the genus Hypericum and, according to the classification (phylogenetic or classic) to the family of Hypericaceae or else Clusiaceae. Nearly 400 species have been identified, including shrubs and trees as well as a large number of herbaceous plants. If you want to be able to admire the profusion of yellow flowers with the long stamens of a St. John’s Wort, one can for example plant the species Hypericum chalice. This is St. John’s Wort with large flowers nicknamed St. John’s Wort with persistent calyx. It flowers from May to October.

3 – The Broom

True broom belong to the genus Genist and to the family of Fabaceae. We can, for example, cite English Broom, Spanish Broom, Ashen Broom or even Winged Broom… All these shrub plants have yellow flowers whose shape is reminiscent of butterflies. They are very abundant. They light up the garden with their frank sun color in the spring and for several months.

4 – Laburnum

The laburnum (Laburnum), of the family of Fabaceaeis a rustic tree with attractive trifoliate foliage which flowers very generously from May to July. His clusters of golden yellow flowers are absolutely magnificent and strangely reminiscent by their shape of the flowers of Wisteria. That we cultivate a ebony laburnum (Laburnum anagyroïdes) or one Alpine laburnum (Laburnum Alpine) you are sure to bring a bright note to your garden for several months. But the effect can be downright enchanting if you plant several laburnum whose hundreds of golden clusters will quickly form a spectacular arch.

5 – Rockrose

There are different species of rock rose, subshrubs of the family Cistaceae. Many of them produce charming little yellow flowers, whose diameter does not exceed 3 cm. Each flower of Rockrose has five slightly crumpled petals and many stamens, also yellow. But there are also some species with pink, red, white or orange flowers. The Sunflower blooms generously from April to September.

6 – The Lantern

The variety Lantana camara ‘Lucky Yellow’ is covered with very bright yellow flower heads from May to October. It is a shrub bushy habit of the family of Verbenaceae which must be protected from freezing in regions where the winters are quite harsh. It can therefore be planted in the ground or in pots depending on the geographical area. Nearly 150 species make up the genus Lantanawhose flowers come in a variety of colors, some being plain, others two-tone.

7 – And Sophora

The Sophora microphylla Sun King variety is extremely attractive. It’s a vigorous shrub bushy and decorative foliage which belongs to the family of Fabaceae. It reaches in adulthood a height of 3 m at the most. It flowers from March to May. Its clusters of yellow flowers in the shape of big bells are really very pretty.

8 – The Mimosa

There are nearly 400 species belonging to the genus Mimosa and to the family of Fabaceae (according to the phylogenetic classification). To take advantage of their multiple yellow flowers in long panicles exuding a sublime perfumewe can for example plant a Four Seasons Mimosa (Acacia retinodes) which blooms at different times of the year or even a Winter Mimosa (acacia dealbata). With their many young yellow pom poms and their pretty foliage, they are very decorative. Be careful, they like the sun and fear frost.

9 – The Japanese Corete

The Japanese Koret (Kerria japonica) is a vigorous bushy shrub of the family of Rosaceae. Very hardy, it thrives in all our regions. From April, it is covered with multiple yellow flowers in the shape of pom poms which illuminate the garden until the end of May. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of this shrub that is so easy to live with, to plant in the ground or in a container.

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