ADVENIR bonus: help for the installation of charging stations

More and more electric and hybrid vehicles are being sold in France. There are several reasons for this phenomenon: the desire for the owners of these types of cars to drive in a cleaner way for the environment, but also because electric vehicles allow significant savings to be made.

Given their development, it is estimated that by 2025-2027, driving electric will cost less than driving a petrol or diesel car. Despite everything, the purchase of an electric vehicle is still quite expensive, especially since their owners must also equip themselves with charging stations for those (who are very numerous) who wish to benefit from this charging system at their home for maximum comfort. The State has set up several financial aid schemes to encourage the acquisition of an electric vehicle. A tax credit first for individuals, but also a bonus called ADVENIR, intended for certain audiences in particular, which can be combined with this tax credit.

What is the ADVENIR bonus? Who can benefit ?

The ADVENIR bonus designates aid intended to finance charging stations and points for electric or hybrid vehicles installed in private condominium residences, by companies, or by public authorities on the road network, for example.

The ADVENIR bonus complements the public aid that exists to promote electromobility. This aid is offered by a steering committee made up of several organisations: the Association for the Development of Electric Mobility (Avere), the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe), Eco CO2 ( an independent company) and the Ministry of Ecological Transition. The ADVENIR bonus is financed by companies such as Bolloré Energy, the EDF Group, TotalEnergies, Engie, E, Leclerc energies, etc.

The charging stations that can claim the benefit of the ADVENIR bonus to help with their financing are those installed in particular in collective housing by the residents themselves for private use, by social landlords or co-ownership trustees for collective use. . Therefore, an individual who equips his home with a charging system for his electric or hybrid vehicle is not one of the beneficiaries eligible for the ADVENIR bonus.

This financial aid also concerns charging stations installed in the car parks of private companies or public bodies. Those made available to the public in private spaces such as parking lots for public services, car dealerships, shopping centers, etc., or charging stations accessible to the public on public property can also be partly financed through the bonus to come.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this financial assistance does not apply to alternating current charging stations whose power is less than or equal to 22 kW which has a type 2 connector with attached cable, such as the indicates the website of the ADVENIR program.

ADVENIR premium amounts

The amount of the ADVENIR premium varies according to the type of beneficiary. For an individual who lives in collective housing, for example, and who installs a charging station on the location of his private parking space for individual use, this financial assistance represents 50% of the purchase and installation costs. charging point within the limit of 960 euros excluding tax per charging station.

If a condominium sets up charging stations for collective use, the rate of the bonus is also 50% of the costs incurred but with a ceiling of 1,660 euros excluding tax per charging point. Another example: charging terminals installed in a public car park and made available to all make it possible to obtain an ADVENIR bonus equivalent to 60% of the cost of these installations within the limit of 2,100 to 18,000 euros excluding tax per charging point. charge.

How do I get the ADVENIR bonus for installing my charging station?

In addition to fulfilling the technical conditions to be eligible for the ADVENIR bonus, this financial aid is granted if the beneficiary acquires a labeled charging station and, if it is a charging station whose the power is greater than 3.7 kW, it must involve a qualified installer for its installation.

By this type of installer, we mean a professional who holds a qualification mentioning “Electric vehicle charging infrastructure (IRVE)”. This type of qualification is essentially issued to installers of charging stations, following specific training, by two bodies, QUALIFELEC and AFNOR.

The steps to obtain the ADVENIR bonus

An individual who meets the conditions to be eligible for the ADVENIR bonus must go through a dedicated online platform “ to request it. He can carry out this process himself or through the installer of his charging station, a solution to be preferred because many technical characteristics are to be provided (precise description of the installation and its equipment in particular).

In all cases, this procedure to benefit from the ADVENIR bonus must only be started once the chosen installation offer has been certified according to the conditions required by the ADVENIR program.

Once the application for this financial aid has been submitted on the dedicated platform, the beneficiary receives a premium proposal which he must sign and return if he agrees. Its amount is reserved for a period of 6 months, the time to proceed with the installation of the charging station concerned.

Note: the charging stations that allow you to benefit from the ADVENIR bonus must, as far as possible, be equipped with charging data collection systems. A feature that allows the ADVENIR program to measure the energy efficiency of electric vehicles and thus prove ” that the development of the electric vehicle market contributes effectively to the energy transition », as indicated on the website of this financial assistance program for the acquisition and installation of charging stations.

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