Apple green: where to apply this color at home? With which association?

The apple green color like the other shades of this color is a natural, harmonious and trendy tone. Using green in decoration is to create a close link with nature. And that’s what makes living in a green-colored environment so enjoyable. Due to its calming effect, green is one of the central colors in interior design. But all greens are far from being the same and apple green has its own uniqueness. Where to apply it in your interior and with which other colors to combine it?

Where to apply apple green at home?

A vitamin green

Green is a color we associate with nature and life. Green has a tonic and harmonizing effect. Since the secondary color green consists of yellow and blue, it has a very wide color spectrum – from lime green to juicy apple green to dark pine green. And it is precisely this apple green that interests us. Apple green is a cool green color. It is a color that symbolizes vitality. It is reminiscent of fresh young leaves and shoots of plants, lush grass and the awakening of nature.

Bring in the joy

Challenge the winter season with a new color: apple green! Whether it’s wallpaper, furniture or small decorative accessories, with apple green as decoration, no more gloom and sadness! Let the joy in and transform your interior into a green oasis of well-being. How about a new lick of paint? If the four walls in apple green are a bit too much for you (and we understand you), you can paint only one wall of the room first.
Is your furniture beige, gray or brown? And if you dare an armchair, a sofa or a table in apple green tones? Yes, that would definitely catch the eye! It doesn’t have to be a new sofa, a new slipcover will do.

If you prefer something more subtle, you can easily add small touches of color here and there, including accessories such as cushions, vases, blankets or trays that will enhance your interior.

apple green kitchen

The next time you’re thinking about kitchen remodeling and new decorating ideas, consider the color apple green. Tile, wallpaper or paint, some products are beautiful. Some cooks have even had fun creating ergonomic and functional apple-shaped kitchen cabinets. Everything in the kitchen, from the island to the shelves, including the storage and the sink, evokes the apple.

The apple green bedroom

The color green is often said to be soothing and relaxing. But apple green is a rather invigorating tone. You can use it everywhere and even more in small rooms or rather exposed to the north which need more light and more heat. Since apple green is made up of yellow, it is ideal in this case. If the “vibrant” color of apple green scares you, choose white or beige as the main color and opt for apple green as the second color. A little cream with an apple green and you’ll feel like you’re in an ice cream cup! This could be very appealing to a child: dare to choose a neutral color bedroom (white or beige) with apple green decorative dots.

Combine apple green with other colors

If you look at the flower bouquets, they have green stems. After all, green is the ideal partner for all other colors: look at all the existing flower colors. Apple green associated with yellow, red rose or parma brings a spring atmosphere to the room. It also works great with all natural colors.

Apple green and yellow

These two colors work wonderfully together. It is easy to imagine a country house interior betting on white and illuminating its decoration with yellow and apple green notes. You can also choose this color combination for a table decoration: it works very well for a spring or summer occasion.

Apple green and rose red

If you prefer contrast-rich and colorful universes, combine apple green with strong colors such as orange or red, the complementary color of green. But beware! Excessive amounts of bright colors in the same room can quickly give it an unpleasant atmosphere. It is advisable to choose a more muted green than apple green as the base tone and to put touches of apple green with red or orange decoration.

Apple green and parma

Parma and apple green also complement each other very well because the two colors are often found together in nature. Think again of the bouquets! Perhaps this is also the reason why these shades exude such a natural, modern and harmonious atmosphere when combined with each other.

Apple green and wood color

By choosing green, you may have opted for a rather natural atmosphere? Then you can combine apple green with warm wood tones. This will ensure a relaxing atmosphere. Because apple green, like many other green variants, is very suitable with ash, pine, oak furniture. The sand and beige colors go very well with it. Think for example of rugs or accessories made of natural materials such as sisal, seagrass or raffia.

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