Armored entrance door : how to choose it ? How much does it cost for a new house or a renovation ?

In nearly 8 out of 10 cases, burglars break into homes (or business premises) through the front door to commit their misdeed. In order to protect their place of life or work against these irruptions, more and more individuals and professionals decide to install an armored door. This high security door has advantages on many levels, both technically and aesthetically. Let’s discover the essential selection criteria for an armored door as well as the budget necessary for a new armored door or a renovation installation.

Main characteristics of an armored door

The armored door offers a high resistance to the attack, which delays the irruption of a burglar. However, the statistics prove it: this type of high security door Putting the patience of the criminal to the test, he generally abandons his plan before being able to enter the premises. Installing an armored door can therefore prevent a break-in.

In addition to considerably increasing the security of an apartment or a house, the armored door – always made of steel and equipped with an anti-hinging system – offers many other advantages, namely:

  • Thermal insulation,
  • Soundproofing,
  • Firewall,
  • High resistance to corrosion,
  • Long lifespan, of the order of half a century,
  • Aesthetic.

Another advantage: to obtain a new set of armored door keys, it is necessary to provide a property card. Cannot therefore redo additional keys who wants.

Criteria for choosing an armored door

To choose an armored entrance door, it is better to turn to a model that meets the ISO 9001 standard, which certifies the quality of a product on an international level. It is also necessary to take good care of the following criteria.

Armored door certified by the CNPP

The National Center for Prevention and Protection or CNPP classifies the different certifications of armored doors according to the performance of the door set and its resistance to break-ins. The degree of resistance of the door sets can be recognized by the A2P certification which, in addition, is classified into levels, namely (in ascending order of performance):

  • A2P BP1: this is level 1 resistance. It is assigned to a door unit if its lock is A2P* certified (1 star).
  • A2P BP2: this intermediate level of resistance concerns door sets whose lock is A2P** certified (2 stars).
  • A2P BP3: This is the optimum resistance level. It only concerns doorsets fitted with an A2P*** lock (3 stars).

Only A2P certified armored doors are recognized by insurance companies.

Armored door and fire resistance

An armored door deserves the fire rating if, despite its exposure to flames, it retains its mechanical and physical resistance for a certain time: the duration of resistance expressed in minutes. This characteristic can be identified by two letters followed by a number (made up of 2 or 3 digits depending on the case), for example:

  • I for thermal insulation,
  • E for flame and gas tightness,
  • (Number) for resistance duration. For example, 30 indicates that this duration is a minima 30 minutes.

Do not hesitate to ask a specialist to choose an armored door set that offers the best fire resistance.

Armored door and weather insulation

This characteristic is identifiable thanks to the AEV classification for Air, Water, Wind. This means that the armored door is:

  • Waterproof (toAand),
  • Waterproof (toEau),
  • Resistant (to Vents).

This is an asset to be taken seriously to optimize interior comfort.

Thermal and sound insulation performance of an armored door

These are two other performance characteristics to consider when purchasing an armored door. The higher the thermal insulation of a home, the more comfortable the accommodation and the lower the energy bill.

As for the sound or acoustic insulation, it is also very important because it contributes to the comfort of the habitat. Let’s not forget that noise is a scourge for health. This performance, expressed in decibels (dB), is considered very good when the sound reduction index is sufficient. For example, for an armored door, 40 dB is an effective performance.

Armored door in renovation: what is it?

Renovation installation is an operation that consists of increasing the security of a dwelling – house or apartment – ​​while preserving the existing building. This does not lead to degradation. In other words, the existing door is undergoing a shielding operation. The old frame is therefore left in place.

In order to benefit from optimal security, it is best to contact a specialist in armored doors, whether to install a new door or to opt for a renovation. In this field, the approximation has no place. You must both protect yourself against burglars and optimize your interior comfort thanks to a high security door, that is to say one that meets all the standards in force, which insulates against the cold and noise while being recognized by insurance companies.

armored door price

With its lock that resists break-ins, its anti-unhinging system, its indisputable performance in the face of bad weather and fire, but also its performance in terms of acoustic and thermal insulation, the armored door requires a more or less substantial budget depending on whether it is in standard size or made to measure.

The price ranges of a front door regularly observed are extremely variable because the price depends on:

  • Performs,
  • Of the lock, which must obviously be a security lock, this one being able to be proposed in 3, 5, 7 even 9 points with patented key,
  • of the building,
  • Dimensions (there is a real difference between a standard armored door and a custom-made armored door),
  • From the aesthetic aspect,
  • Of the brand,
  • The warranty period.

Here are some examples of armored door price.

New armored door price

  • From €700 to €2,200 for an armored door set simply reinforced with steel,
  • From €1,500 and up to €2,600 for an A2P BP1 or BP2 armored door.
  • Between 800 and 3,500 € for a shielding in renovation of an existing door, whether it is in PVC, wood or aluminum.
  • You can reach 6,500 € to reinforce the frame, the door, the door set and the lock.

In the field of the armored door, it is illusory to think that the many models are located in a relatively restricted price range. The base price can be multiplied by 10 or 12 depending on the specifics of an armored door set. To budget for this type of purchase and avoid unforeseen expenses, it is highly recommended to request at least 2 or 3 quotes. This allows you to take the time to compare the different models and the prices.

Price of armored opening system in renovation

All these price examples are inclusive of installation.

It is necessary to think of adding the cost of certain services such as the personalization of the armored door with a colored paint and/or the installation of moldings for example. This type of detail is important if you want your burglar-proof device to fit perfectly into the environment and blend well with the style of the construction.

The price of an armored door or a burglar-proof door set should never be the only criterion of choice, the most important thing being to be able to protect your family and your property against the risk of intrusion. Whatever the chosen solution (new armored door or being renovated), it is a good decision to want to replace a simple wooden or PVC entrance door which does not offer the same guarantees or the same security.

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