At what height should a bathroom sink be placed?

The bathroom is a place of comfort and relaxation. For it to be, you have to think everything right. The bathtub, the shower, the basin or the sink: everything must be easily accessible, even more so if you or someone in your family has reduced mobility. Is the height of your basin or that of your washbasin causing you problems? It is true that an unsuitable height would make its use uncomfortable. That’s good, if there is a room that is relatively standardized, it is the bathroom. European standards prescribe a certain height. Here is more information in this article. By paying attention to this, you will improve the comfort of your bathroom in the long run.

What if you followed the regulations in force in public spaces?

The basins and washbasins found in public spaces and hotels, installed by professionals, follow a very specific standard. Why not follow her into your home? This says that a washbasin must be installed at a height of between 85 and 95 centimeters. You can certainly take inspiration from this standard and thus set:

  • Suspended washbasin: 83 centimeters between the ground and the drain
  • Pedestal washbasin: standard height, no need to think about which level to place it on
  • Washbasin or countertop washbasin: between 85 and 87 centimeters from the ground

But your needs may be different. Assuming that your family is made up of relatively tall people, you can install your basin or washbasin higher, without ever exceeding 92 centimeters in height.

Determine your washbasin height: the most correct and appropriate

The aforementioned standard was of course not determined arbitrarily, but is an average of the different sizes. Because the height of the person using the basin or washbasin is decisive for the height of its attachment. To establish a rule, we could consider that the washbasin should be placed at half the height in centimeters of its user – taking the upper edge of the basin or washbasin as a benchmark. If you are the only one using this element, it is therefore very easy to determine the correct mounting height. But if your whole family uses the bathroom sink, then just average it out. If you are a couple made up of a man 1.80 meters tall and a woman 1.64 meters tall, you can place your sink at an intermediate height, i.e. 86 centimeters (the average between 90 centimeters and 82 centimeters in height setup).

Consider the size of each

It is not always possible to live well and comfortably with such a compromise. If the size differences are particularly large, the average may actually be uncomfortable for both people and make it difficult to use the sink. But even in such a case, there are suitable solutions. You can choose a sink with an adjustable height. However, this is not very practical. The best is still the installation of two sinks at different heights.

Adapt to the case of children and people in wheelchairs

Unless you are a school or a nursery or a structure that welcomes many children of the same age, it is not very wise to adapt a washbasin to a child’s height. Better to provide your finally with a running board or stepladder of the right size. Conversely, the case is completely different for people with reduced mobility who use a wheelchair. In such a case, the sink or basin must first be accessible. In addition, the upper edge should not exceed an installation height of 80 centimeters.

Respect the distances around your basin or washbasin

European standards not only regulate the height of the washbasin, but also the distances that must be available in front of and next to the washbasin. For the side areas – measured from the center of the sink – 65 centimeters of space should be left to the left and right of other bathroom fittings. In front of the sink or basin, the standard even imposes a surface of between 100 and 145 centimeters. A value that is often difficult to achieve in small and cramped bathrooms. In a larger bathroom, without major obstacles, this distance can be respected without problem.

What you need to remember

Once you have chosen your washbasin or washbasin: and there is a wide variety of bathroom furniture and elements of this type, arrange your sanitary facilities according to your tastes and adjust the height of the washbasin to your individual needs while knowing that :

  • For a suspended washbasin, the ideal installation height is 83 centimeters.
  • For a piece of furniture with an integrated basin or sink, the installation height is between 85 and 87 centimeters.
  • For a custom installation height, do not go above 92 centimeters.

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