Attic bedroom: 4 ideas for design

The layout of the rooms in your home has been completed and you still have unused space under your roof? How about transforming this space into a fantastic attic bedroom? For this, you just need to choose a style of decoration, a pleasant color palette, the arrangement of your furniture and you will get a perfectly comfortable additional bedroom. You have to design your room according to all its data: from the slope of the roof to the height of the walls to the size of the windows. Everything must be taken into account.

1 – Which furniture to choose for an attic bedroom?

How to furnish an attic bedroom? The main element of an attic bedroom is most of the time the bed. You can plan the layout of the rest of the furniture around it. Because often your room is quite limited in space. But just because there’s not enough square footage available doesn’t mean you can’t sleep on a big, spacious bed bathed in the morning sun!

When choosing a bed, be sure to opt for a version without a headboard. This way, you can more easily place it against one of the walls. In any case, choose a place far from the stairs and where the ceiling is not too low to make your sleep more comfortable. If the height allows, you can give preference to a bed with legs, which will give a more airy overall visual impression.

The second important detail concerns the cupboards. In an attic bedroom, it is better to use built-in furniture. It’s a great way to optimize the space lost under the roof and very often these cupboards are in harmony or even blend with the color of the wall.

In the end, choose to highlight a single wall. On this wall, you can highlight bright details or store books or vases with flowers or photographs. If you can, try to find a place for a small chest of drawers or a shelf to store anything you want to keep close at hand.

In short, in your attic room, a bed and a small chest of drawers are enough. You can decorate the decor with soft pillows, lay a thick carpet, arrange decorative candles. And a mirror will look great. Finally, don’t forget to personalize this intimate space with things that are dear to you and bring you comfort and tranquility.

2 – What colors to choose for an attic bedroom?

If your attic bedroom is rather small, it is better to use the same style of colors on the walls and ceiling. Light colors will do. An interesting combination: a fairly soft beige tone on the ceiling and wallpaper with a very light floral pattern on the walls. You can hang curtains, add a plaid, a rug with an interesting print and you’re done.

If you want your attic bedroom to be more colorful then you can paint or wallpaper in rather bright colors and cover the rest with paint or wallpaper in softer tones.

Since the walls of the attics have different heights, you should take into account that the consumption of finishing materials such as wallpaper or paint may be higher than expected. The lighting of an attic bedroom is also not standard. So you will have to consider that.

As often, dark tones in decoration narrow the space. Dark ceilings aren’t the best option for attics because the space feels like it’s shrinking dramatically and you don’t want an uncomfortable or depressing room.

Clear ceilings meanwhile make your room fresh and spacious.

3 – What style of decoration should you choose for an attic bedroom?

The room can be furnished in different styles. It all depends on your personal preferences and tastes.

A romantic attic bedroom

This style is beautiful and delicate. Think lightness and softness. Choose pastel colors: beige, pink, cream, coffee. You can drape your walls in floral fabrics, which are wispy and airy. The rest of the furniture should follow the general style: a wrought iron table and chairs, a wardrobe or a nice chest of drawers. On your shelves, place photographs, delicate vases with flowers and books.

A loft-style attic bedroom

This style is suitable for a spacious attic space with large windows. Do not try to create zones in the room since the desired effect is that of a loft. Wooden beams and brick walls as well as metal pipes fit perfectly into this kind of interior. Opt for a wooden floor. On the walls you can hang unusual forms of sculptures and paintings.

A Scandinavian attic bedroom

Choose sturdy, wooden furniture in muted colors like beige or light green. And throw a large throw or hand-knitted blanket on your bed.

A minimalist attic bedroom

It is a style that makes the choice of few pieces of furniture and details. Usually no more than two or three colors are used in the interior, one of which is necessarily white. Furniture should be chosen primarily to be functional.

A seaside-style attic bedroom

It is a marine style is associated with the beach, the sea and the bright sun. Its colors are white and various combinations of blue and green. The decorative details you choose can be bamboo and rattan. Instead of hanging curtains, prefer blinds.

4 – How to light an attic bedroom?

The advantage of the attic room is that within it, the roof is at its highest point, often higher than in a standard room. Therefore, it is the ideal place to decorate with a beautiful and voluminous lamp under the ceiling. Instead of a pendant lamp, you can also opt for a large floor lamp.

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