What is ammonia? What use? Is it polluting? What to replace it with?

Let’s find out what ammonia and ammonia are, in what areas they are used and for what purposes. Let’s also take a look at their toxicity and their harm to the environment. Fortunately, there are several solutions to replace ammonia in all its forms, and it is highly recommended. Ammonia, a naturally occurring gas L’ammonia … Read more

what can it be used for?

The resin extracted from maritime pine (Pinus pinaster)) is used to make turpentine; it is also called Bordeaux turpentine, Bordeaux pitch, galipot, officinale turpentine or pine turpentine. This turpentine is best known as a solvent, but it is also effective as an everyday household stain remover. Characteristics of turpentine Turpentine oil is a colorless liquid … Read more

How to clean and shine stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a very present material in our interiors. We like it solidity but also its brilliance. To make it resistant to time and even more so to limestone, you can use very effective natural solutions. It is still necessary to choose your products carefully because some can alter the stainless steel. Stainless … Read more

How to clean or stain a leather sofa?

Wrinkles, stains… Your sofa looks gray. Be aware that the sun and the heat dry out the leather and accelerate its aging, hence the need to choose your leather carefully. emplacement in the House. Need a makeover? No need to buy expensive cleaning products because ingredients simple of daily life will be able to give … Read more