Bathroom: the 5 trendy colors of the year

Parenthesis of welfarethe bathroom must be enveloped in an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. To welcome us gently when we wake up and relax after work, the choice of colors is essential. This year, the palette of shades veers between classic and audacity. Overview of 5 colors trends in the bathroom this year.

1. White, unbeatable for lighting up the bathroom

symbolizing the purity, white remains this year again the preferred color for repainting the bathroom. This safe bet goes through the years without ever going out of fashion thanks to the many qualities with which it is endowed.

  • White gives an impression of cleanliness in the bathroom, an image that could not be more suited to this place exclusively reserved for hygiene.
  • Whether the room is rather dark or very bright, white is of all the colors the one that will best reflect the light In the bathroom.
  • This light and luminous shade creates a feeling of volume in a space that does not always benefit from large dimensions.
  • White is easy to live with: it can cohabit with all the other colours! This color unrolls indeed a background perfect for taking notes cheerful in the room in the form of accessories or bathroom linen.
  • This neutral shade lends itself to a total look white, from the walls to the ceiling, including the bathrooms and the furniture. To do this, play with the effects graphics and materials. You will get relief with a tile engraved with patterns that will give rhythm to the room. tiles of subway will fit perfectly into the decor.

2. Black gives character to the bathroom

Yes the blanc remains a must, its opposite is now appearing on the decoration scene. After having ignored black for a long time, designers are now demonstratingaudacity inviting him into the bathroom. Your room is large and luminous but you don’t dare the total black look… Be aware that this color is THE trend of the year.

  • By adorning the floor and the walls with black, you will give a elegance crazy to your bathroom and a unique identity that will make a splash with your guests.
  • By associating it with blanc (window frames, black and white cement tiles on the floor) you will obtain a very contemporary look. A touch of gray will create a pretty degraded in the room while maintaining the sobriety decor.
  • L’intensity black can be sublimated by contrasts. You can thus bring a balance with a few subtle touches of hues natural in accessories and furniture: a green plant, a rattan laundry basket, a vanity unit in light wood.

3. Blue creates depth in the bathroom

This color timeless does not take a wrinkle and settles permanently in the charts of shades acclaimed in 2020. As proof, Classic Blue was elected color of the year by the illustrious brand Pantone.

  • Evoking the merthe blue blends elegantly into the water features to which it instills an atmosphere relaxing and serene. It is the right color to start the day gently and to relax in the evening. Blue will also diffuse a pleasant sensation of freshness In the bathroom.
  • In recent years, a range of nuances was developed by the colorists. On the design side, the clear intonations have given way to more dark which produce an impression of depth piece. Petrol blue, duck blue, midnight blue… the color sometimes tends towards very dark, bordering on black. It is also very current in its version turquoise.
  • For a super trendy style, choose a combination of blue and blanc. A blond wooden vanity unit will bring the final touch to this very modern.
  • The pastel shades are light and as such, allow you to diffuse light in the room and enlarge the volumes.
  • Today the tones screaming no longer have a voice. So the pink powderé ranks first on the palette of the most used pastels in the bathroom.
  • The powder pink on a section of wall will harmonize nicely with light colors such as white, beigea mole or a gris very clear.
  • The pastels weave the atmosphere cocooning sought after in this room dedicated to well-being. They are completely adapted for a gentle awakening.

4. Pastel infuses the bathroom with glamor

Pastel shades are currently very popular for the atmosphere douce and relaxed that they weave within the bathroom. Abandoning the somewhat old-fashioned image that it has long reflected, pink interferes in a decoration wreathed in nostalgia. Its romance suits the bathroom in many ways.

5. Beige weaves a natural atmosphere in the bathroom

Halfway between the egg shell and the brun, beige is one of the new trendy colors making their debut in the bathroom. Associated with the naturethis color will breathe a country air into your room.

  • A bit like white, beige illuminates the room andenlarges. This neutral color has warm and cosy which will halo your bath with their soothing waves.
  • This color has the advantage of easily pairing with tones clear and warmer shades. Coupled with marron, it will enhance the cocooning atmosphere. To energize the room, you can add spikes of rouge. With this trio of colors, you won’t make a mistake.
  • A restful and soft hue, beige blends divinely with materials natural : wood, linen, wicker. Towels in a pale gray tone will crown the decor with exquisite elegance.

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