Black rose : does it exist ? Which varieties?

Being able to integrate the black rose into a rose garden is the dream of many gardeners wishing to play the card of contrasts. But from there to obtain this fabulous association is another story since in nature, “true” black does not exist. Specialists have tried to create black flowers, but even if the result obtained is of rare beauty, it is not absolute black. Anyway, today you can find varieties of roses whose color is so dark that the illusion is almost perfect. Let’s do a check in.

Black rose: a hard-bitten myth

Who has never heard of this exceptional rose blooming exclusively in Turkey, and more specifically in the village of Halfeti? This variété Black Rose is presented as being the only black rose that the planet bears and provided that it is cultivated on the lands of Halfeti. Everywhere else, this rose bush can of course find its place, but is covered with roses whose color is limited to a very dark red.

The story says that in Halfeti, the Euphrates has a great influence on the microclimate, and the secret of the black rose is intimately connected with it. Except that by looking a little deeper into the question, we quickly discover that barely hatched the rose Siyah Gül is of a sumptuously deep red which, in summer, is transformed into a extremely dark purple

But purple, however dark, is not black. Moreover, no flower can become absolutely black since there is no pigment of this type that can be synthesized by plants.

Growing black roses (or almost): the varieties to choose

No need to go to Turkey to pack a few Siyah Gül rose cuttings in your luggage if you want to enrich your plant collection with a black rose. Horticultural researchers have created roses whose the color is so dark that it evokes that of ebony. Fascinating, full of mystery, this category of majestic flowers of great originality is highlighted near white, yellow or pastel colored roses. So don’t hesitate to have fun.

Create a almost black rose is in any case a successful challenge since several varieties marketed today produce magnificent roses with nuanced petals of dark purpleof dark red or of dark crimson. Depending on the light, these flowers seem to have been carved out of absolute black velvet.

Rose Black Baccara

The reference in the field of the black rose is the Black Baccara variety. We owe it to Jacques Mouchotte, creator of roses passionate about research, and who has spent his entire career within the Meilland Company. This Baccara-derived flower takes on a darker hue in late spring than in the heart of summer. Whatever the case, these “black roses”, associated with Gypsophila, make it possible to compose pretty bouquets and last a good ten days in a vase. The Black Baccara rose must absolutely be installed in a lightly shaded area of ​​the garden.

Rose Black Magic

It is especially the buds of this rosebush that seem black as their red is deep. To plant absolutely in the garden to bring an exceptional note.

Black Velvet Rose

here is star of the aromatic industry because, in addition to being available in an ultra-dark burgundy giving it that black velvet appearance, it is highly sought after for its parfum both smooth and powerful.

Black Cherry Pink

Superb, this rose of a burgundy of rare depth creates the illusion of a black depending on the angle from which you admire it. Its flowers measure almost 16 cm in diameter. It is a rose that can be directed on stem.

To choose the roses that perfectly meet your expectations in terms of color, but also exposure, soil and maintenance, you should not hesitate to seek advice from a landscaper.

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