Blood stain : how to clean and remove it naturally ?

A stain of blood permeates your tissues? Rest assured, it is possible to clean and remove it naturally, but only if you do the right things right away! Before acting, discover our advice to avoid aggravating the situation. Let’s review the products suitable for this type of stain removal and the steps to take on delicate surfaces.

What natural products to clean and naturally remove a blood stain?

Before attempting to remove a bloodstain, test on an inconspicuous area. If you find the fabric fading, dilute it or try another. In addition, avoid rubbing the stain, it is preferable to dab it delicately so as not to spread it further or impregnate it more deeply. Finally, do not apply hot water, as it will fix the blood in the tissues; work only with cold water.

Here are the products that can help you naturally remove a blood stain from a fabric.

On a fresh bloodstain

  • Cold water: for a non-fragile garment or fabric, let it soak overnight in a basin of cold water. The stain should disappear effortlessly if it was fresh.
  • Flour, talc or cornstarch mixed with water: Form a paste by mixing flour, cornstarch or talc in a little cold water. Apply the paste in a thick layer and leave to act for several hours until completely dry. Brush off the scab formed and wash the fabric.
  • An ice cube and black soap: apply an ice cube to the stain so that it dilutes it by melting. Then pour a drop of black soap and emulsify with cold water. Rinse well then wash the fabric.
  • hydrogen peroxide: dab a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide on the stain then wash the cloth.
  • Salt: as soon as the stain has formed, immediately apply salt to it, as it will absorb the liquid. Then rinse with cold water, dabbing the surface with a clean damp sponge and machine wash if you can.
  • The Coca-Cola: Soak a non-delicate fabric overnight in a bath of Coca-Cola. The stain should disappear on its own.

On an old, dried bloodstain

  • hydrogen peroxide: dilute the stain by soaking in a bath of cold water or using an ice cube, then use a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide to rub the surface. Rinse well and wash the fabric.
  • Starch and hydrogen peroxide: Form a paste by mixing starch and water. Apply a thick layer to the bloodstain and pour hydrogen peroxide over it. Then simply rinse the fabric and wash it.
  • Alcohol at 70°: dilute the blood stain with an ice cube or under a bath of cold water then apply 70° alcohol with a clean cloth. Rinse, then wash the garment.
  • soda crystals: if your fabric is not fragile, dab the blood stain with a clean damp sponge covered with soda crystals. Rinse and wash.
  • aspirin: form a paste by diluting aspirin in a little water. Apply to the stain, leave to act a little, rub then wash the fabric.
  • Toothpaste: Apply toothpaste to the bloodstain and allow to dry until a scab forms. Then rinse with cold water and machine or surface wash with soap. It may be necessary to repeat the operation several times to obtain a good result.
  • white vinegar: pour pure white vinegar on the blood stain or dab the surface with a sponge or clean cloth. Repeat the operation until the stain disappears, then machine wash the fabric or rinse the surface with clean, cold water.
  • lemon juice: Place a few drops of lemon juice on the blood stain and leave to act for a few minutes. Wash the fabric then repeat the operation as many times as necessary until it is completely gone.

How do you remove a blood stain from a delicate surface?

If the previous products are effective, some can be aggressive for the most delicate textiles or non-machine washable fabrics. Here are our tips for removing traces of blood without risk.

Removing blood stains from a synthetic fabric

If the blood stain is fresh, gently dab it with paper towel to remove the excess without spreading it. Let the fabric soak in a basin of cold water with a little black soap or detergent for several hours, or even overnight.

If the stain is still present, apply a paste made of aspirin and water to the stain by tapping it, and/or dab its surface with a cloth soaked in saline solution. Finish by machine washing the fabric.

Removing blood stains from delicate fabric (wool, silk, etc.)

If the stain is fresh, rub a little starch moistened on the surface or a mixture of cold water and soap. Rinse your fabric well then wash it immediately in the machine on a delicate cycle.

If the stain is older and encrusted, dab its surface with a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Rinse in cold water then machine wash on gentle cycle.

Removing blood stains from natural fiber fabric (cotton, linen, etc.)

Start by soaking the fabric in a bath of cold water before rubbing the stain with soap. Feel free to add salt to the soaking water if the stain is stubborn, as it absorbs blood like wine.

Finish with a rinse and machine wash.

Removing blood stains from a couch or mattress

To remove a blood stain from an upholstery such as a sofa or a mattress, here are the products to use without risk:

  • starch: form a paste with starch or flour and water. Apply a thick layer to the stain and leave to act for several hours. Once the mixture is dry, dust it gently.
  • hydrogen peroxide: hydrogen peroxide can be applied to a mattress without risk, but it is better to avoid it on a fragile sofa. Dab the blood stain with a clean cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide then rinse with a damp cloth in cold water. Let dry well.
  • ammonia: pour a little ammonia on a damp sponge and rub the blood stains on a mattress or your sofa. Then rinse with a cloth soaked in cold water and let dry.

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