Building a covered swimming pool: solutions constraints and price

Building an indoor swimming pool is the dream many individuals wishing to be able to take advantage of bathing pleasures in all seasons, regardless of the region in which they live. It’s an excellent idea, especially since we now know how life-saving an indoor swimming pool can be if you have to be confined to your home for several months… Let’s discover the solutions possible, the constraints which are essential and let us see what budget should we devote to the construction of an indoor swimming pool.

Indoor swimming pool: undeniable advantages

Nothing is more frustrating than investing money in an outdoor swimming pool only to end up using it during the summer period, especially in certain regions of France. Opt for the indoor swimming pool many assetsto know :

  • Offer the possibility of using the swimming pool throughout the yearwhatever the climate,
  • maintain the ideal temperature pool water,
  • Limit fouling pool and water because the cover protects the pool against dust, plant debris, insects,
  • Increase the value of your propertywhich can be profitable in the event of resale,
  • make money his investment.

Building an indoor swimming pool: the solutions

There are two very distinct solutions to be able to have an indoor swimming pool, namely:

  • build a indoor swimming poolwhich implies having a sufficiently spacious room integrated into the house, or else also building a room in the garden intended to accommodate the pool.
  • Have a swimming pool built then opt for theinstallation of one shelter swimming pool.

There are different pool enclosure models whose prices are quite variable.

  • Removable : it is a light shelter, easy to handle, which rests on the edge of the swimming pool (curbstone). Practical, it is not as aesthetic as a fixed or telescopic shelter but represents a good compromise, very appreciable when you have a fairly tight budget because it allows you to quickly cover your pool.
  • Fixe : it is a construction in its own right and this fixed shelter is the dream of many owners wishing to have their private swimming pool built. Under this building, it is possible to swim but also to stand. It can look like a veranda, which is very aesthetic, and represents a real extension of the house. Its very large glass walls resting on a metal frame provide an extremely luminous and majestic universe. It is the most expensive pool enclosure.
  • Foldable : it’s just a simple pool cover that you unfold for swimming and that you fold up as soon as you no longer use the pool (i.e. generally from evening to morning) in order to protect the water from dirt but also to prevent the water from swimming pool does not cool down too suddenly. Some folding covers can fit into a trunk when not in use and you can even opt for a motorized rolling system.
  • Telescopic : it is a model of swimming pool enclosure in tune with the times, very appreciated for its side functionalson aspect aesthetic and his affordable price. Whether it’s a version manual or motorizedit is made up of elements that interlock one under the other and therefore allows you to completely open your pool when the weather is nice.
  • Inflatable : it is neither more nor less than a pvc dome, a flexible, resistant and light material, making the installation of the shelter quite easy. This dome is placed over the pool during the season of use. It is inflated with a motor. It must be moored with cables to resist the wind.
  • Removable shelter: from €3,000 to €6,500,
  • Fixed swimming pool enclosure: from €8,000 knowing that for huge sophisticated fixed enclosures, the budget can be around €50,000,
  • Folding shelter: from €2,600 and up to €12,000,
  • Telescopic pool enclosure: with an entry-level price of around €7,000 and a top-of-the-range price of more or less €26,000,
  • Inflatable shelter: between €4,000 and €5,500.

Before choosing, it is necessary to take into account the swimming pool enclosure price which we will discuss later, but also of its technical and aesthetic qualities. To do this, it is strongly recommended to contact a pool specialist.

Construction of an indoor swimming pool: the constraints

Before the start of the construction site, it is essential to find out about the regulations which applies to indoor swimming pools. You have to make sure that the town hall authorizes this type of work, which is not the case in some housing estates or even in protected areas. This is why the person concerned must approach the town planning department.

In addition, depending on the area of ​​the indoor swimming pool he wishes to build, he must:

  • Either file a prior declaration of worknecessary for a shelter of 5 to 20 m²,
  • Either make a Request for a building permit for a shelter of more than 20 m².

The regulations for an indoor swimming pool must imperatively be respected so as not to take the risk of having to dismantle your structure…

There are other constraints that should not be overlooked either, because to be successful and comfortable, aquatic complex private involves taking precautions. For example, you should:

  • Make a preliminary terrain analysis in order to adapt the work to its configuration if it is decided to build the entire project without using an already existing room,
  • Check that the existing premises are capable of supporting the heavy work involved in the construction of a swimming pool,
  • To reinforce if necessary the foundations in order to guard against the risk of cracking due to the weight of the pool and the water,
  • Realize openings if an existing room that is blind or does not have enough windows is used,
  • Provide a ceiling height sufficient,
  • Think about anticipating the constraints related to thehumidity and at the condensationwhich involves installing a ventilation system adequate,
  • Have installed adapted luminaires which secure the premises but also enhance them,
  • Choose as far as possible large openings in order to benefit as much as possible from the natural light rather than having to turn on the lights in broad daylight,
  • Consider putting a thermal insulation,
  • Provide devices to limit the noise may disturb the neighborhood.

The indoor swimming pool involves very special construction works that cannot be done at short notice by inexperienced people. You must therefore entrust your indoor swimming pool project to a skilled craftsman. It is essential to obtain results to the height, to be able to benefit from a guarantee period and, before attacking the site, to benefit from real advice from a pro.

Indoor swimming pool: budget to plan

Pour define the price of an indoor swimming pool and all that this implies in terms of work, it is necessary to take into account:

  • The swimming pool model,
  • The size of the basin,
  • The type of shelter desired,
  • The height of the shelter (low, mid-high, high),
  • The material from which the shelter is made,
  • The works necessary for the construction of the swimming pool,
  • The complexity of the terrain,
  • Difficulties of access for construction machinery,
  • The labor for the installation of the shelter,
  • The technical room,
  • The delivery of the hull which, in certain very steep sectors, can only be done by helicopter…

In addition to the price of the basin and the works you have to plan the cost what does thepool coverextremely variable depending on the model.

We understand that the price of the work when finished can reach heights depending on the chosen configuration. Given all the elements to be taken into account, this decision cannot be made without having taken the time to reflect because, in addition, it is also necessary to plan a budget for the swimming pool taxation which includes :

  • The development tax : it applies if the area of ​​the swimming pool is greater than 10 m².
  • The property tax : it is concerned since the swimming pool increases the rental value of the house, but it is the buried swimming pools – said to be in perpetual residence – which impact it because they are structures that cannot be moved and which require earthworks and masonry. The property tax therefore does not apply to removable pools.
  • The housing tax : it increases when the swimming pool leads to an increase in the property tax.

In order to compare the various quotes requested from local professionals, the best solution is to use a online comparator specially programmed to find all specialized craftsmen in the construction of swimming pools and the installation of swimming pool enclosures. This tool is free and without obligation.

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