Cardboard furniture: pros and cons

Ecology and sustainability have been hot topics for several years. We talk a lot about this eco-responsible trend and its benefits. This direction is found with the theme of cardboard furniture. However, cardboard furniture is not just a trend because of its environmental compatibility. Today it is possible to furnish an entire apartment with cardboard furniture. This type of furniture is particularly aimed at people who want strong decorative pieces, who want to act in a sustainable way and who are looking for an affordable design. In general, one looks for furniture that must be stable, functional and have an attractive appearance. At first glance, it is surprising that cardboard furniture is becoming more and more popular in the market, because people do not think that it has the same stability as its wooden counterparts. But cardboard furniture is more stable than you might think at first glance. And cardboard furniture has significant advantages over its wooden counterparts. They also have some drawbacks.

Advantages of cardboard furniture

The cardboard cabinet is elegant

The cardboard furniture is very innovative and its design is very current. This is in particular due to the multiple possibilities allowed by the cardboard. There are virtually no limits to the form and function of this furniture. These are pieces of furniture that can be very stylish. In stores, but especially online on the web, you can find lamps, tables, cardboard seats. And if, for one reason or another, you are not satisfied with the appearance of your furniture, you have the possibility of decorating it, painting it, gluing it or upholstering it in a completely personalized way and according to your wishes. own wishes. Because cardboard furniture is available printed or in its natural look. This last possibility leaves room for your creativity. If you are good at artistic pursuits or love unique works of art, then this might appeal to you. It’s also a good thing that children can put the finishing touches on their furniture themselves.

Cardboard furniture is inexpensive

The first cardboard furniture was created for young people who were not rolling in gold at a time when mobility was already in fashion. Even today, the prices of cardboard furniture are relatively low. The average price of cardboard furniture is between 20 and 1000 euros. When it comes to price range, a distinction must of course be made between series production and individual designer pieces. Finally, cardboard furniture has a very attractive price, which remains convincing even when it is custom-made and designed by designers.

The cardboard cabinet is solid

Cardboard doesn’t weigh much, so it’s easy to get the false impression that cardboard furniture isn’t strong enough. Thanks to a specific treatment and structure, cardboard furniture can support a weight of up to 1000 kg, which is perfect for building beds, cabinets or shelves. Because the original flat cardboard acquires a three-dimensionality thanks to folding and gluing, which gives it great stability. As said before, starting from one kilo of raw material, it is possible to obtain a load capacity up to a thousand times greater. So contrary to popular belief, cardboard furniture is solid.

Cardboard furniture is easy to transport

Cardboard furniture has a very light weight, which makes it practical and easy to transport. In addition, you can assemble and disassemble them very quickly if you follow the assembly instructions precisely. Cardboard furniture is very practical to move, especially during removals thanks to the reduced weight and volume of the materials. Most cardboard furniture is designed to be fairly easy to assemble, and what’s more, you don’t need any tools. In addition, when folded, cardboard furniture takes up almost no storage space.

The cardboard furniture is 100% recyclable

Cardboard furniture is made from an environmentally remarkable material. They are, in a way, the ecologically sustainable counterpart of tropical wood cabinets, tables and chairs. As a rule, recycled or recyclable honeycomb cardboard comes from sustainable forest management. This implies that for every tree that had to be felled to make the paper, a new tree was planted. These cardboard furniture can be added to your waste paper. Through their destruction or recycling, additional energy can be obtained through combustion.

Disadvantages of cardboard furniture

The cardboard cabinet is not a replacement but a complement

However, cardboard furniture also has its limitations. For example, they are sensitive to water. Therefore they should not be used in the kitchen or bathroom. In addition, wear is quickly visible and they are also not impact resistant. The life and resistance of cardboard furniture depends on how it is handled and on its quality. Over time, for example, they can get a little dirty, greasy. And it’s true, cardboard furniture cannot completely replace more conventional wood or metal furniture. However, they are a stylish eye-catcher, especially as decorative centerpieces, and are also suitable for anyone who wants to furnish themselves inexpensively and who may be moving again soon.

Photo credit: S. Kilgast

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