Changing a window: renovation or new installation? How to choose ?

Drafts come night and day to disturb the comfort of the house, the aesthetics of the house leaves something to be desired because the windows are no longer fresh… In short, it is high time to change windows. It remains to choose between the installation in renovation and the installation in new. Let’s find out what exactly it is and what the advantages/disadvantages of each solution are.

Window renovation installation

Renovation installation is proposed when the building – old frame or frame – is still in good condition.

conservation works

The good condition of the frame is the essential condition to keep it because it is this fixed element that will carry the new leaves, namely the moving parts of the new window. The task requires great skill. It is preferable to go to a certified craftsman because his keen eye can carefully analyze the condition of the building that you want to keep. If this support piece is too old, it may no longer be sufficiently watertight. The budget devoted to this work would then be a waste.

When to opt for the installation in renovation?

We opt for the installation in renovation when a partial renovation is possible thanks to a frame that is still healthy. The operation is advantageous because it does not require heavy work. Moreover, since the frame remains in place, the interior decoration is in no way affected by the intervention. Renovation installation therefore makes it possible to install a new window at a lower cost.

New installation of windows

This is also called total removal. It allows you to change all parts of the window.

Works for a radical transformation

New installation is essential when the old joinery has lived well and must be completely replaced. This is also the type of work to be done when you simply decide to revamp your home by having more trendy windows installed. The intervention consists of:

  • Dismantle (remove) all of the carpentry (fixed and mobile parts),
  • Installing a new window in place of the old one, which also involves a new frame.

This delicate operation must be carried out according to the rules of the art so that the masonry is not damaged when the frame (frame) is removed. No approximation possible, therefore. This is the reason why it is recommended to entrust the total removal to a specialist who will carry out a check of the carpentry and, if necessary, its restoration in conformity. Once the sash and frame are installed, the specialist carries out the finishing work and installs a sealing bead.

When to opt for new installation?

New installation is essential when you want to carry out a complete renovation. It is the ideal solution to improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of the habitat when the old windows let in the cold air and the noises coming from outside. With this complete renovation, infiltrations are no longer to be feared. Thanks to the new profiles put on the market, total removal makes it possible to benefit from more light inside the room.

Admittedly, the installation in nine entails more important work than in the case of an installation in renovation. A plaster fitting may be required. In some cases, following this work, the interior wall covering must be modified. Consequently, this complete renovation requires a larger budget, but when it is necessary, the price of changing windows should not be a hindrance because poor insulation leads to large unnecessary and long-term expenses. Moreover, when a window is changed, a tax credit can be granted under certain conditions.

To be certain of choosing the right solution – installation in renovation or installation in new – it is better to refer to a specialist. This makes it possible to obtain a serious analysis of the joinery to be changed and a precise costing of the work to be planned. It is also ideal for choosing the new windows best suited to the needs but also to the style of the construction. Let’s not forget that changing windows adds to the aesthetics of the home in addition to increasing interior comfort.

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