Charcoal gray for which room ? What color combinations?

Think charcoal gray is going to make your rooms look dark and boring? Yet it is a basic color in interior design, especially one that advocates minimalism. Because it is a versatile shade, which reassures and allows certain elements to be enhanced.

Do you really have any idea what anthracite gray is? An interesting color halfway between black and grey? A tone that is both chic and extravagant that gives a mysterious touch to your rooms. What color goes best with anthracite? There are many possible combinations, see how to effectively highlight the anthracite color in your interior.

Charcoal grey, for which room?

Charcoal gray in the living room

Do you like the Scandinavian style? In this case, you could opt for gray in different shades for your living room. This gives a relaxed and elegant atmosphere at the same time. In particular, associate anthracite with a honey-coloured leather sofa, light wood and lots of green plants and here you are in a very warm living room. Because anthracite can also be welcoming, no matter what people say.

Charcoal gray in the bedroom

Dare to paint the wall of your bedroom, the one that hosts your headboard, in anthracite grey. Yes, it is a very dark color, close to black, but it will give you a deep sense of security. All you have to do is accessorize it with wooden or shiny gold elements. These will bring you elegance.

Charcoal gray in the kitchen

Does anthracite gray not seem like a trendy color in the kitchen? Think again, gray is making a comeback and it’s never been so varied. In fact, the effect obtained by anthracite gray depends a lot on its luminosity and shine. Anthracite gray is a lot of black, so a very elegant kitchen.

Charcoal gray in the bathroom

Even if it has long been shunned, gray is also asserting itself in the bathroom. It is a neutral, timeless color that brings a lot of elegance to this room of the house. And it’s not just a trend, gray is becoming more and more popular every day. It is a versatile color, which, even dark like anthracite, combines perfectly with other color ranges. And if you associate it with a bright pink in your bathroom? In addition to being an elegant color, anthracite gray is practical and perfect for a bathroom.

Anthracite gray in the entrance

It is true that the color of the entrance to a home is often overlooked. Yet it is the first place that we give to see when receiving someone. If your entrance is rather bright, you can afford everything. As with your bathroom, perhaps you can use anthracite gray in a monochrome. You can then hang beautiful pictures in black and bench, one or more mirrors, a large graphic carpet and a light wood floor.

What color goes well with anthracite?

As a mix of two neutral colors, white and black, charcoal gray goes with just about any color. All that matters, as always, is a certain balance. If you put anthracite paint on a wall, for example, you should prefer to accompany it with a clear floor and ceiling. Light wood like birch is ideal. It does not make the association too dark and brings a certain elegance to the whole. So, in the end, what color goes well with anthracite? Red, orange, yellow, purple, pink, green, blue, etc. Maple wood and birch wood are also very attractive in combination with anthracite gray. In short, the classic approach is that of the light-dark principle: you combine a dark color like anthracite with lighter tones and shades, while you combine light colors with dark colors. The noble color anthracite gray thus offers the possibility of combining with different textures and materials.

Any colors that contrast with black-gray are very suitable. So theoretically all colors that are light and weaken the dark effect of anthracite a little. Pastel tones have a soft effect on anthracite grey, for example, an old rose, an almond green or a pretty light blue. You may appreciate all the purple colors, close to those of berries that range from the colors of blackberries to those of currants or blueberries. Why not combine them with anthracite grey? But you are sure in this case to create a dark, almost mystical atmosphere.

The most natural color combination with charcoal gray

You can associate eyes closed the anthracite gray with sky blue and beige. These are three colors that go well together. They bring coherence to an interior and a rather relaxed atmosphere. You can use beige in large quantities, especially for the floor and the wall. Then use anthracite gray to a lesser extent as a decorative color, which “accessorizes” beige. Opt for a large sofa, an armchair or an anthracite gray table. These will catch the eye in your room. Finally, you can create small additions in the form of details with sky blue.

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