Charging station at the best price: use a comparator!

More and more French people are buying an electric or hybrid vehicle. The majority of them opt for the solution of being able to recharge their car at home, whether they live in a single-family home or in a condominium.

This solution, which is much more comfortable than having to charge your electric vehicle using charging points available in the public domain, for example, obviously requires you to buy your own charging station. In fact, many distributors now offer this equipment, sometimes at very different prices. Our advice for choosing the charging station best suited to your needs and comparing the prices of the different offers on the market in question.

Choose the charging station best suited to your needs, and at the best price

You have just acquired an electric or plug-in hybrid car. You have several solutions for recharging your vehicle. Either you can use the charging points made available in the public domain or at certain service stations, for example. Either, if your workplace is equipped with charging stations, you can take advantage of this equipment to charge your electric vehicle while you carry out your professional activity during the day, or you can decide to buy your own charging station to be installed at your home.

This last solution is the one chosen by the vast majority of owners of electric vehicles. It is true that having a charging station in your detached house or in your condominium represents real comfort and the assurance that your electric car is always recharged when you need to use it.

If you choose to install a charging station at your home, you must choose the one that best suits your needs, your electric vehicle (i.e. the power of its battery), but also to the configuration of your accommodation. This equipment is very easy to install at home, indoors on the wall of a garage for example, or outdoors. And a charging station allows you to charge your electric vehicle much faster than by plugging the battery into a simple household electrical outlet. This type of equipment also guarantees better security for the electrical installation of your home.

The price of a charging station is of course also to be taken into consideration, especially since there are many offers on the market and this cost can vary from one device and from one distributor to another.

Different types of charging stations, also most often called wallboxes, are indeed offered by the distributors of this equipment. Each of these charging stations necessarily adapts to your needs.

The wallboxes are differentiated in particular by their power, which varies from 7 kW to 22 kW for those best suited to individuals who have an electric vehicle. There are also some with a lower power, around 3 kW, but these do not offer very interesting performance for those who wish to take advantage of a fairly short charging time for their car.

As a result, the more efficient a charging station is, the more expensive it is. Their price varies from approximately 700 to 1,500 euros, not to mention the cost of their installation which, for wallboxes over 3.7 kW, must be carried out by an authorized professional. A condition which also makes it possible to benefit from certain financial aid schemes offered to support the purchase of charging stations by individuals.

Many distributors offer charging stations. Compare their prices!

More and more French people are turning to electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. As a result, the market for charging stations is also booming.

More and more distributors, in fact, offer charging stations. Depending on the type of charging system, in particular their power, but also depending on the sellers of these charging systems, the prices vary, sometimes significantly. This is why it is strongly recommended, once you have decided on the charging station that best suits your needs, to carefully compare the different and multiple offers offered by large groups, such as small distributors.

On the other hand, it is advisable to avoid systematically choosing the sellers who offer the lowest prices. The capacities and performance of the charging stations should be the characteristics to be considered first.

To help individuals find their way among the many offers for the sale of charging stations and their prices, which can fluctuate significantly from one distributor to another, you can first turn to the sellers of these recharging systems listed in particular on the site, an educational information site published by the National Association for the Development of Electric Mobility (Avere-France), in partnership in particular with the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

For the installation of a charging station in a private house, you can compare prices between specialized distributors such as EVBox, Borne Recharge Service, Maborneauto, Izi by EDF, Driveco, Charge Guru, Engie Mobilité verte, etc.

If you live in a condominium, you can also compare the prices of charging stations among companies also mentioned on, such as So’Borne, the OCEA Group, carplug, or even WAAT.

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