Children’s bathroom: shower or bathtub?

Are you designing your children’s bathroom in your new home or as part of a renovation and you are hesitating between installing a shower or a bathtub? It is true that these two devices each have advantages and interests while being very different. However, when it is not possible to pose both, it is necessary to make a choice. Let’s take stock of the characteristics of each to be sure to implement the element that suits your children.

How to choose sanitary equipment for a children’s bathroom?

Having the possibility of arranging a bathroom dedicated to children is very comfortable, especially for parents. This reserved space makes it possible to adapt the water feature to the needs of the youngest, which differ from those of adults. Elements can be set lower or height adjustable for younger children or designed to meet the needs and desires of teenagers. It’s also a good way to avoid cluttering the parents’ bathroom with babies’ and toddlers’ essentials, such as the changing table, bath toys or booster seats to reach the sink.

Be that as it may, distinguishing the spaces is comfortable for everyone and allows parents to preserve their privacy and children to enjoy a room dedicated to them and learn, why not, to take responsibility by maintaining this space which is theirs. is dedicated.

If the children’s bathroom does not allow the installation of a bathtub and a shower for reasons of space or budget, a choice must be made. However, this is not always easy and must correspond to the needs of children above all.

Why choose the bathtub for a children’s bathroom?

The bathtub is the star of family bathrooms. It is indeed the favorite piece of bath equipment for young children, as they can play and relax with their water toys. The bathtub comes in many shapes and sizes, from the traditional rectangular to the corner bathtub or the freestanding one that occupies the center of the room.

The bathtub can also be occupied by several children at the same time, which is practical for facilitating bath time, often experienced as a constraint in the routine of the youngest. By making it a moment of play and conviviality, the children take pleasure in bathing in the middle of their toys and with their peers.

It should also be noted that if the parents have designed a narrow bathroom equipped with a shower in a master suite, installing a bathtub in the room dedicated to children allows them to use it from time to time to relax after a difficult day.

The bathtub is therefore an ideal equipment for young children. Perfect for babies, it also welcomes young children who enjoy playing there to relax in the evening.

However, the bathtub is considered less attractive for older children, especially for teenagers. Nevertheless, it is possible to counter this problem by transforming its use in the manner of a shower. To do this, simply install a shower bar in height and install a shower screen or a shower curtain to avoid splashing.

Why opt for a shower in a children’s bathroom?

A shower is very convenient to install in a children’s bathroom. Smaller, it can be more easily installed in a small, cramped or badly arranged room. The shower can be custom designed or installed as a cabin, with a shower tray or walk-in. Customizable at will, it can be closed by means of a wall, a glass door or a curtain.

The shower is easy to maintain and clean, even by the youngest. It also reduces water consumption, as it is not necessary to fill the tub for bathing children. The time to devote to hygiene is shorter and less consuming.

The shower is also safe, just put a carpet or non-slip elements on the floor for the youngest children. However, the shower is more restrictive for the hygiene of toddlers who are not yet able to stand up. The square cabins only rarely allow a baby bath to be installed and the narrowness of the shower constrains and limits the movements of the parents when they wash their child.

As a result, the shower is a pleasant and comfortable element for children from the moment they are able to stand up on their own. However, the constraint can be circumvented for babies if the shower is spacious, such as the Italian models or with a large shower tray, and allow a bathtub to be placed there.

The shower is very popular with teenagers, who can wash without the constraints of the bathtub and without getting water everywhere. On the other hand, the shower does not allow the youngest to play in the water and relax in this way.

Shower or bathtub: which is the right choice for the children’s bathroom?

We have seen that the shower and the bathtub each have advantages in a children’s bathroom. If you can’t install both, your choice will have to be one piece of equipment. If this decision is up to you, it may be motivated by practical reasons.

  • The bathtub suitable for all ages. Ideal for babies, it is also very popular for bathing young children who enjoy playing and relaxing in it alone or with others. It can also serve as a relaxation area for parents who do not have it occasionally. If teenagers like it less, it can be transformed to be used as a shower, which limits its use by older children.
  • The shower is practical and sufficient for older children. If your little ones have grown up and are past the age of playing in the bath, a shower will be much more appreciated until their adulthood. It is indeed the equipment most acclaimed by teenagers and young adults.

It’s up to you to make your choice, in particular according to your uses and, we advise you, taking into account the age of your children. However, be aware that no choice is truly final. A bathtub can be replaced by a shower, and vice versa!

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