Choosing between sectional overhead and roll-up garage doors

Whether your project is to replace an old garage door or to choose one for your new home, in both cases, it must meet three requirements, which are: practicality, safety and aesthetics. Tilting, rolling or sectional… Which model is right for you?

The sectional garage door

The sectional garage door opens vertically, to be positioned parallel to the ceiling. They are available in a wide choice of colors and are very efficient in terms of insulation. Moreover, due to its lack of space, the sectional door adapts perfectly to small garages. This is also why this model is increasingly popular with individuals.

So many advantages between its optimized safety, its aesthetics, the absence of external overflow, as well as the possibility of integrating a pedestrian gate! With this model, the side walls are unobstructed and can be used as storage spaces. To do this, you only need to build shelves on it. Otherwise, in the case where the garage has a low ceiling, alternatively, the opening can also be done on the sides, but the mode of operation remains the same.

The up-and-over garage door

Undoubtedly the most common garage door model, the up-and-over is interesting above all for its very good quality/price ratio. With a simple structure, since it is made up of a single block, the up-and-over is very easy and quick to install. In addition, this model is very simple and elegant, but above all very easy to maneuver, especially if you do not plan to invest in a motorization system.

And just like the sectional ranges, its one-piece apron is also housed under the ceiling and therefore also with a minimum of space. The only criticism is its apron which encroaches slightly on the outside, but without bothering passers-by if by chance the house is on the side of the road.

However, to reduce the risk of pinching and crushing, prefer models equipped with flexible protective covers. On the other hand, for the safety of its users and children, lever arms with multiple springs are strongly recommended.

The rolling garage door

If none of the models mentioned above suits the configuration of your garage, you still have the roll-up doors. This range uses exactly the same principles as blinds and rolling shutters. By means of rails its blades move vertically to be housed thereafter in a trunk generally installed above the door. Here is a recommended model if the objective is to save or even optimize space.

But already, a good garage door must ensure maximum safety of the premises with anti-lift and anti-pinch locks. Integrated lighting would also not be a luxury. In addition, thermal and acoustic performance is also highly appreciated. As for its ribs and its style, it is to be chosen according to the architecture of the building. Finally, regarding its material, the craze is currently aluminum. However, wood still attracts as much. And for people with a small budget, PVC remains very affordable.

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