Cleaning floors or walls with ecological products is possible!

We too often forget it, but maintenance via regular cleaning of the exterior of the house is more than enough to give the building a facelift. And for that, there is no need to schedule heavy and costly renovation work.

Choose ecological cleaning products!

If we refer to article L 132-1 of the Construction and Housing Code, the facades “must be kept in a good state of cleanliness” which requires an intervention every 10 years. In some cases, the defaulting owner may even be forced by the Town Hall to renovate the facade: he is then also liable to a fine of 3750 euros, according to article L 152-11 of the aforementioned Code.

However, to maintain your home, especially the roof, the floors, the walls, there is no need to wait a decade. Don’t hesitate to do it as soon as you are faced with stubborn stains, or when layers of dirt start to accumulate. If you do it regularly, there is not necessarily a need to call in professionals, since you can easily find cleaners and detergents essentially intended for this purpose in specialized online stores. However, be careful with chemicals. Indeed, very often toxic and polluting, most detergents on the market will have to be handled with great care.

To escape the risks incurred by the use of these dangerous products, prefer ecological products. Indeed, strippers, degreasers, as well as renovators marketed by the brand are biodegradable and ecological. These products therefore pose no danger to users. Moreover, once an ecological cleaning is done, it is recommended to protect the said surface with a protection product from the same range. It should be noted that this company has been present in this sector of activity for nearly twenty-five years and therefore remains a major reference on the French, European and international markets.

The instructions for use of these ecological products

Concrete, cement, brick, wood, slate, natural stoneā€¦ Indoors or outdoors, regardless of the surface to be cleaned or refurbished, ecological cleaners are suitable for all types of materials. If, unfortunately, your exterior facades have been the carriers of unsightly graffiti or if stubborn food grease stains remain on the floor of your kitchen, for example, these products will allow you to make everything nickel.

Moreover, available in two or five liter containers, each of the products is immediately ready for use. Delivered in airtight containers, degreasers and others can be stored and reused provided they are stored in dry, non-humid areas. Even better, unopened cans can still be set aside for a maximum of four years. And when it comes to applying them to the walls, the floor of the terrace or the surroundings of the swimming pool, a sponge or a brush will do just fine. However, if you have a large area to cover, a low pressure roller or sprayer will help you achieve more even results. In all cases, refer scrupulously to the instructions for use before carrying out any manipulation.

As with any new product used, to avoid unpleasant surprises, do not forget to test on a small area before fully applying the product. Finally, even though these cleansers are harmless and hypoallergenic, always keep them out of reach of children, of course.

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